Guide to the Top Mobile Travel Apps

Travel and Transport's mobile travel app guide is designed to help business travelers discover mobile tools they may not already use. This guide to the best apps for business travelers organizes many of today's leading apps into categories that include getting around, making life easy, communicating, staying organized and more. 

Next to each app's icon you'll find other symbols that will tell you whether an app is available for iOS or Android, if it supports a wearable device such as Apple Watch and if you'll have to pay to use the app. You’ll find a key explaining these symbols at the bottom of each page.

In order to make this guide more useful we've tried to leave off the obvious ones. For instance, our guide does not highlight mobile apps of airlines, car rental companies, hotel brands or corporate online booking tools. If you're a traveler you probably have those already.

In addition, there are some great services that lead users to a mobile website or that send travel-related alerts via email or SMS. We have limited this guide to only installable mobile apps in the categories that are most beneficial to travelers.

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