5 Steps for Maximizing your Corporate Travel Airline Program

October 18, 2018 Chuck Koster

Corporate airline programs are an essential component of most business travel management strategies. Is your company getting the most out of the programs that you have in place? We've talked to our account managers and our Partner Solutions Group and have compiled this list of five simple steps you and your account manager can take to maximize the value of your corporate airline program.

  1. Learn the idiosyncrasies of your airline loyalty programs, understanding that no two are completely alike. Knowing when your credits expire and the rules for redeeming trip credits are essential to maximizing your program.
  2. Assign someone within your organization to work as the administrator of those business travel airline programs so they can monitor, redeem points as necessary, and eliminate spoilage due to expiring points. 
  3. Determine how you would like to use your earned airline credits (i.e., executive travel, meeting travel, sales department incentive, employee reward), then work with your account manager to execute their usage.  
  4. If you intend on using the credits for daily corporate travel, if possible, have your travel management company's account manager load your travel credits into your unused ticket management system. Having your available credits in an unused ticket system provides an automated double check that available credits are not forgotten.
  5. When appropriate, maximize earning potential by only utilizing airlines where the company has a negotiated discount or earns points through a corporate loyalty program. When possible, have your account manager identify those airlines as preferred in your online booking tool and agent desktop tool.

If you're a Travel and Transport customer, talk to your account manager to learn more about maximizing your corporate airline program. If you're not yet a Travel and Transport customer, contact us to today to get started.

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