Using Machine Learning to Apply Prescriptive Analytics to Business Travel Management

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Travel and Transport Technology Uses Machine Learning to Apply Prescriptive Analytics to Travel Reservation and Management

OMAHA, Neb. (July 1, 2019) – Within the travel industry, the actual application of machine learning and impact of artificial intelligence (AI) in travel is often overstated. However, at Travel and Transport, new travel advisors are trained to use machine learning-powered CRM tech that learns travelers’ actual behavior and shows advisors where it differs from stated preferences so they can deliver a quicker, easier and more satisfying travel experience.

This proprietary travel advisor desktop and CRM tool, which Travel and Transport calls BARTT (Booking Agent Reservation Technology Toolbox), leads the corporate travel management industry in enabling instant understanding of who travelers are, where they go, how they get there and where they stay.

“We use machine learning in our intelligent traveler CRM, BARTT, to learn from traveler behavior, serving up recommendations and data to our traveler advisors in real time so they can give travelers exactly what they want, within their policy, without needing to ask the traveler multiple questions,” said Joel Bailey, senior vice president, Customer Solutions for Travel and Transport.

After noting that this technology provides legitimate descriptive and prescriptive analytics, he went on to say that both machine learning and artificial intelligence are means to an end.

“All technology should enhance the travel experience for the traveler and help corporations achieve their travel program goals. We use BARTT and an unused ticket database solution called Banx to recommend routings and fares that line up with travelers’ actual behaviors, adhere to travel policy and secure ideal fares using available credits on file. There’s not really another system like it currently at play in the travel industry,” Bailey said.

Travel and Transport’s focus on enhancing the travel experience guides its use of AI at owned companies DVI (Data Visualization Intelligence) and TripLingo, where it uses artificial intelligence to identify spend leakage and future expenses, and power language translation, respectively.

More information about BARTT and Banx is available on the Travel and Transport website.

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Founded in 1946, Travel and Transport Inc. is one of the largest travel management companies in the world, specializing in corporate travel management, leisure/vacation travel and group/meeting travel services. Travel and Transport, a 100% employee-owned company, is recognized for unparalleled service, integrity and industry-leading technology solutions. Travel and Transport is headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska. Please visit for more information about Travel and Transport Inc.

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