Travel and Transport’s NDC program updates

NDC developments move fast. Even in the weeks since Travel and Transport released its white paper on airline distribution we’ve made further progress with partners.

NB: This page will be updated as and when new capability and agreements are in place

June 2019: Our U.K. team at Travel and Transport Statesman commences a pilot with SAP Concur and TravelFusion for NDC bookings through Concur Travel. This involves trialling bookings and changes using NDC content from British Airways, IAG and Lufthansa.

The new fare content will drive cost savings for travel programs and opens up opportunities for an improved booking experience, dynamic content, seating, upgrades and more.

Business Travel News reported on the pilot – view the article here. For detailed information, read Charlie Sultan of SAP Concur’s blog post here.

19-20 June 2019: Members of the team attend the IATA Business Travel Summit in Geneva to discuss the current state of NDC initiatives and what lies ahead. 

July 2019: Travel and Transport reaches an agreement with Qantas to participate in the new ‘Qantas Channel’ commercial structure, which comes into effect on August 1, 2019.

Bookings made outside of Qantas Channel will face per booking surcharges and limited airfare content, which our customers will not face under this new agreement.

Qantas plans to roll out additional features and offer exclusive deals to those that operate under the Qantas Channel and operate on an NDC connection. Read more on the Qantas Channel in its press release here


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