Dash Mobile: International Travel Assistance

June 13, 2019
Learn about different cultures through Dash Mobile.

                            Culture Notes                                                 Language Phrases

Dash Mobile is integrated with content and functionality using TripLingo. This provides users access to obtain country-specific cultural and common phrase information to some of the most frequently traveled to destinations, with additional access to more destinations available through the TripLingo app. When you have an international destination on your itinerary, clicking the green “+” on the 'Trip Details' will open up the feature and allow the user to link to pages containing additional phrases and cultural information from TripLingo.

Can TripLingo only be used if I have international trip booked?
A: No. Any Dash Mobile user can use the Culture Notes and Language Phrases.

Q: What if my country is not seen in Dash Mobile?
A: Dash Mobile provides the most frequently traveled to destinations. To access a full list of countries, users should download the TripLingo app.

Q: Is there any fee to use TripLingo in Dash Mobile?
A: No. Accessing the most frequently traveled to destination information is provided in Dash Mobile at no cost to Travel and Transport clients who use Dash Mobile. TripLingo does offer additional services such as voice translator and WiFi dialer in which fees may apply.

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