Dash Portal: Configurable Push Notifications

June 13, 2019

Send travelers automated messaged through Dash Portal's Configurable Push Notifications

Travel and Transport travelers receive push notifications on their mobile devices through our Dash Mobile app, which provides trip updates including changes, delays, trip reminders and much more. Through our Dash Portal technology, travel managers can subscribe to enhancements allowing them to create configurable push notifications that provide additional, relevant notifications for travelers such as negotiated amenity reminders and ground transportation reminders that are pushed directly to their Dash Mobile app. These enhancements require Dash Portal to implement.

As an example, configurable push notifications can be established based on an airport or city code to remind travelers to use the correct transportation service. Designed to assist in providing program information to travelers, configurable push notifications can be triggered by such things as arrival/departure times, airport codes, hotel check-in/out times and even by specific suppliers including hotel property name.

These step-by-step instructions walk you through how to set up push notifications in Dash Portal along with examples of messaging.

To begin, log in to Dash Portal and select Configure Notifications from the menu on the left-hand side dropdown. Select New Configurable Push Notification.



Select a Supplier Type:

- Air
- Car Rental
- Hotel
- Limo
- Rail

Title your notification and enter dates, if applicable.

Create your message. Examples of message types include:
- Location reminders
- Negotiated suppliers and amenities
- Specific airport reminders
- Arrival/departure reminders
- and more!

Set the rules. 

You can choose:
- Air Departures and Arrivals
- Airport Codes
- Check in/out
- Supplier
- Property

Click Save.

Your notifications are set to push to Dash Mobile!

Sample Messages

Location Reminder
Welcome to London. Remember to use the Heathrow Express to main office rather than a private car.

Welcome to Omaha. Just a reminder that the College World Series is in town June 15-26. Expect more traffic and potentially longer airport wait times.

Negotiated Amenities

Welcome to the Hilton London Paddington. As a reminder, you get free WIFI and breakfast.

The Drury St. Louis Hotel is offering a free room upgrade for arrivals between Jan 1-30. Please check at the front desk upon arrival for this space available promotion.

When traveling to ORD and going downtown, take the ‘City Cab’ service. If you are visiting urban offices, please use the ‘Neighborhood’ cab.

Orlando International Airport is currently working on an expansion project, please allow extra time traveling to/from the airport as there are lane restrictions.

Please do not accept the car rental insurance coverage when renting from National. We have negotiated coverage for you.

Please refill fuel before returning your car rental as this saves over 50% in fuel costs.

National Sales Meeting reminder – team meetings kick off tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. in Salon A meeting room with breakfast.

Please be aware that the Courtyard LAX is currently under renovation and the hotel restaurant is closed.

Supplier Specific
Hilton Hotels now include breakfast with all rates to our travelers.

Air Canada is offering free lounge access at Toronto airport; show your boarding pass for access.

Need help? Email Dash@travelandtransport.com or contact our Support Desk at 1-800-341-6184, M-F 9am-5pm CST.

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