Dash Portal Interface Changes

February 18, 2020 Josh Gunn

As part of our global rebrand, Dash Portal has an exciting new look and feel. We've simplified the navigation and added some new features to help make booking and arranging travel as simple and fast as possible. 

New Menu Navigation

The Dash Portal Navigation bar has been redesigned and simplified, allowing you to quickly access the pages of Dash Portal. The navigation bar will display the following links for all users: Dashboard, Trips, Company, Invoices, Notification Badge, Unused Tickets Badge (if configured for your company), and Chat Icon (also if configured for company). Travel Arrangers will also see a link for their Travelers, and Travel Managers and Site Admins will have a link to Admin. 



Unused Ticket New Icon & Display

The Unused Tickets card has been removed and replaced with a suitcase icon on the Dash Portal navigation bar. When the icon is clicked, a modal window opens and displays information associated to all unused tickets, including Traveler Name, Airline, Ticket Amount, Ticket Number, and Expiration Date. By default we show up to 25 records immediately and extra pages for additional records. The unused ticket records can be exported to Excel for informational purposes. 

Travelers and Site Admins will only see their own unused tickets. Travel Managers will see all unused ticket associated with your company. Arrangers will see their own unused tickets, as well as those for any travelers they arrange for.


New Header - User Menu

A new User Menu has been added to the right side of the Dash Portal header to allow users to quickly access the Dash Portal pages they need. The default display is the user’s picture and name. When they click on their name, the user menu will expand to show the options available to them based on their Dash Portal role. Travelers will have the option to choose Settings, Change Password, and Log Out. Travel Managers and Site Admins will also have options to Switch User and access Portal Layout. 


User Menu - Switch User Functionality

We've renamed “View Dash As” to “Switch User” for simplicity. Now, Site Admins and Travel Managers will see this option on the User Menu. When they select the option to “Switch User” a modal window opens where they can search for another user. When the Site Admin or Travel Manager click on a user’s name, their page will be redirected to view Dash Portal as that user, so you can check what tools and functionality are available to your colleagues. 

A new banner will appear at the top of the Dash Portal page to indicate when you are viewing Dash Portal as another user after selecting the Switch User option. The banner will include an option to return to your own Dash Portal view.


Spanish, German and French Translations

Translations were added for the new Dash Portal navigation bar and User Menu options for Spanish, French, and German (Portal Layout, Return To, Switch User, Travelers, You Are Currently Masquerading As, Settings, Change Password, and Log Out). 


View All Travelers

Travel Arrangers will see a “Travelers” option on the Dash Portal Navigation bar. When you click that button, a modal window will open to display a read-only list of all travelers associated to the arranger. The modal will display the traveler’s name and email address.

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