Loyalty Technology

Online Customer Loyalty System (OCLS)

The OCLS proprietary reward redemption platform provides a customizable and branded site with catalog options such as gift cards, merchandise, travel, and digital rewards. Our solution provides a seamless process and is configured to feature your customized rewards catalog. We provide extensive reporting on customer feedback, redemption activity, and other valuable data.

Inventory Management System

Managing complex loyalty programs requires the highest levels of accuracy, consistency, and flexibility. Travel and Transport’s exclusive Inventory Management System (IMS) ensures that fulfillment occurs efficiently and that rewards are delivered and managed consistently, accurately and on time. This all adds up to happier customers and increased loyalty.

IMS works together with our Online Customer Loyalty System (OCLS) to measure daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal reward activity for both physical and electronic rewards. It allows Travel and Transport to ensure that inventory levels are maintained and that fulfillment occurs swiftly.

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What We Do
What We Do

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