Delivering Meaningful Rewards in Your Loyalty Program

Meaningful Rewards in Loyalty Programs

Reward points. Everyone has them these days. But, are you receiving the rewards that are meaningful to you?

Loyalty by Travel and Transport is changing the way clients feel about rewards. Rewards are no longer only about simplicity and ease of access; they’re about emotion. Emotional loyalty is taking the loyalty market to a new level of client appreciation and relatability. Rewards are now as diverse as the audience they are chosen for.

“Our goal is to recognize the diversity of our program member base through reporting analytics, communication with our client program managers and use of surveys at the time of redemption. We embrace our clients’ culture by listening to them and becoming their brand,” says Michelle Holmes, Senior Director of Loyalty by Travel and Transport.

Holmes leads the loyalty initiative and asserts the passionate strategy behind this loyalty in order to better understand the emotional tie-ins necessary to a successful program. She believes functional loyalty and emotional loyalty will continue as important elements over the next few years, but emotional loyalty will truly hook clients and keep them from looking elsewhere.

As a result, Loyalty by Travel and Transport is taking the feelings and opinions of our clients to heart and delivering rewards suitable to their wants and needs.

If you or your company is interested in learning more about Loyalty by Travel and Transport, contact Michelle Holmes at


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