Delta to Introduce Branded Boarding in January, 2019

December 13, 2018 Sara Cartwright

Delta Air Lines has announced a new branded boarding process to take the place of the airline’s previous zoned boarding process. The new boarding process will be implemented on all Delta-operated flights beginning January 23, 2019.
The branded boarding will include color coding to distinguish each fare product, including Basic Economy, Main Cabin, Delta Comfort+, Delta Premium Select/First Class and Delta One. The previously-used boarding “zones” for Delta-operated flights will be renamed and color-coded to reflect the fare purchased, while still prioritizing customer loyalty with Sky Priority benefits.
The new boarding order labels and color coding will take the place of the zoned boarding names, from the beginning of the booking activity all the way to the actual boarding process. These new labels and colors will be seen in the online shopping experience (in a gradual roll-out to the web), on boarding passes, within the Fly Delta app, and on Jetway screens and signage at the gate.
See below to view the new branded boarding order from Delta Air Lines.  

Delta Air Lines Branded Boarding Procedures

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