First Time Cruiser Rebooks His Alaskan Honeymoon on the Grand Princess

April 7, 2020 Mark Dauner

Jeremy and his wife were supposed to go on a delayed honeymoon this year. They had their dream vacation, an Alaskan cruise, all set and ready to go. As the pandemic unfolded, it quickly became clear that they had a difficult choice to make.
After all, their ship, the Grand Princess, was floating in San Francisco Bay with no docking date in sight.
This was Jeremy’s first cruise and first time using a travel advisor. Never had he been more thankful not to be going it alone than now.

Travel Advisor Jenny Gilbertson Guided Jeremy to a Safe Haven

Jeremy was busy visiting customers when Jenny called to discuss his Alaskan cruise and potential rebooking options. During the call, she informed him that the Grand Princess, which was the ship Jeremy and his wife were scheduled to cruise on, was delayed indefinitely in the San Francisco harbor. A tool salesman for MAC, Jeremy’s job is considered essential and so he spends time each day talking with people about how they are finding their way through the crisis.
“I was honestly so busy with work that it didn’t dawn on me that our ship was the one on the news,” Jeremy says. “When Jenny called to walk us through our options, that’s when I realized we might not be cruising to Alaska this year.”
Travel advisor Jenny Gilbertson informed him of his options and told him she’d be able to book them on the same itinerary next year, with an upgrade to a suite, for a minimal price increase, if that was what Jeremy wanted.
“Jenny has been awesome. She has been our rock through this fiasco,” Jeremy says. “It’s been a mess, but because of her guidance and her recommending that we buy travel insurance, our vacation was completely covered. Throughout the whole process, she has patiently provided a listening ear and an informed perspective. I honestly think I’d be totally lost without her. Had I tried to book this on my own, I’d likely be out five figures by now.”
As it stands, Jeremy and his wife are currently scheduled to take their dream vacation in June of 2021. Undaunted by the pandemic, Jeremy gets excited just thinking about their trip.
“We’ll fly into Fairbanks, then take a bus to Denali National Park. Then, we’ll take a train to our third stop. We’ll pan for gold, see incredible wildlife and make lifelong memories, and that’s all before beginning our week-long Alaskan cruise. I can’t wait to experience it all.”


Confident Couple Looks Forward to Their Rebooked Alaskan Cruise

While Jeremy and his wife have to wait more than a year to take their delayed honeymoon adventure, they’re making the most of it by going to Branson, Missouri, as a family for a little rest and relaxation.
Since seeing a close friend of his father’s pass away suddenly at a young age, Jeremy is no longer content to put the things he values on hold.
“He was a fitness nut like me,” Jeremy says. “After he died, I told myself and my family that I’m not going to wait anymore. We’re going to do what we want to do now. I know we’re living in a scary time and I’m not downplaying the seriousness of it, but I’m remaining positive and choosing not to live my life in fear. I decided to rebook my cruise because I think there’s a great chance we’ll be able to take it safely next June. If not and the worst-case scenario happens, Jenny has us covered with great insurance, so I know we’re good.”

Has the coronavirus pandemic wreaked havoc on your travel plans? Explore your options with a Travel and Transport travel advisor today. We’re confident we can help you plan an amazing adventure.

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