Dash Mobile 3.3: shared trip notifications, invoices and more

March 27, 2018

Travel and Transport is excited to introduce these new features in our Dash Mobile travel app:
Dash Mobile business travel app version 3.3 - from Travel and TransportTrip Invoices
Copies of upcoming and past invoices are now available through Dash Mobile.  Accessible on trip details and from the Tools menu, users will have access to view a PDF and/or email the invoice.

Shared Trip Notifications 
Users who have shared trips set up in Dash Mobile will now receive push notifications for cancellations, delays and gate changes. 

Online Booking Tool Single Sign-on

Users will now have single sign-on access to their online booking tool (Concur, Deem, GetThere) when they click on the ‘Book a Trip’ icon.* 
*This feature requires company/user to be on Dash Portal and have SSO implemented within Dash Portal.
Additional Updates
Additional updates to Dash Mobile in version 3.3 include improved car rental notifications, updates to TripLingo culture and phrases (US/Canada) and enhancements to shared trips via text.

What are you waiting for? ? Get Dash Mobile now!  

Please send any questions or feedback to Dash@travelandtransport.com 



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