10 Things to Love About Travel and Transport

March 9, 2020 Travel and Transport

1. We’re Employee-Owned

We’re the world’s biggest 100% employee-owned global travel management company, and proud of it. We all play a role in the success of our company and we do it the right way – together.

2. Our Technology

From Dash Portal and Dash Mobile to our Swift Data platform and Leap Advisor, our traveller relationship management (TRM) tool, has been built by our own expert teams, with travel buyers in mind.

3. Better Together

We know we can’t do this alone and created the Global Partnership Program, including partners in the meetings and events space, to make your travel dreams happen.

4. Global Reach

If you have travellers in cities around the world, we can get them from A to B as easily as those based in your headquarters.

5. Navigate the Globe

With $35bn buying power, we’re one of the biggest travel management companies in the world.

6. Human Compassion

Thanks to Leap Advisor, our TRM (Traveller Relationship Management) system, our travel teams provide service, human compassion and personalised recommendations. 

7. We’re THAT good

Our Net Promotor Score of 90 is phenomenal, and higher than most of the brands you use every day like Amazon.

8. Data Intelligence

We feel no travel buyer should be left in the dark about their travel data. Swift Data helps turn daunting data into decisions, all in one place.

9. Hotel Power

Our Global Hotel Program, including the Lifestyle & Luxury Collection, offers more than the best available rate; our discounts and amenities surpass the standard hotel program.

10. Focus on What Matters

Care and respect are the beating heart of our brand and our people. We respect what our customers do, and want travellers to be safe, productive and focused on what matters.

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