2020 Travel Advisor Picks: Which Caribbean Islands are the Best?

December 20, 2019 Mark Dauner

Which Caribbean Islands Are the Best? Our 2020 Picks

Abby Bebout loves talking with people about which Caribbean islands are the best to visit. A travel advisor with our Travel Design Lounge in Omaha, Nebraska, Abby specializes in adventure, beach and family travel – all ideal interests for planning a trip to the Caribbean.

“Lately, I’ve been helping people plan all-inclusive vacations to smaller Caribbean island destinations like St. Lucia, Barbados, Antigua and Aruba,” she says. “These islands are less frequently visited by the large cruise liners, which makes them ideal spots for people who want to visit the Caribbean, but don’t want all the fuss and tourist traffic common to larger, more popular spots in the Caribbean like the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Mexico.” 

Adding to Abby’s advice, here are four top spots to visit in the Caribbean and highlights of each you won’t want to miss.


Wondering Which Caribbean Islands are the Best? Here are Four Top Spots

If you’ve traveled to the Caribbean before, it was likely on a large cruise liner. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, but when you’re considering a second trip to the Caribbean, you may be looking for a different, more intimate and less touristy experience.

Our travel advisors specialize in planning Caribbean getaways that offer hidden highlights large cruise lines overlook. Here are four of our top recommended islands and things to see when you travel to them.


1. St. Lucia

Unlike so many of the islands that dot the Caribbean Sea, St. Lucia rises heavenward in striking fashion. The low-lying mangroves so common to this region of the world are quickly eclipsed by the mighty twin peaks of the Pitons. Volcanic springs pair with cresting waterfalls, hidden in the heart of pristine jungle terrain.

Pidgeon Island National Park offers the opportunity to explore British ruins built during the Seven Years’ War and ensures there’s something for everyone in your party to enjoy.


2. Barbados

Sandy beaches and pristine golf courses dot Barbados, as they do every other Caribbean island. Yet, what makes Barbados unique is its culture, which is unlike any other in the Caribbean. Limestone caverns, calypso music and exotic tropical gardens are just a few of the things to see in this southern Caribbean island. 

You can also tour the Mount Gay Rum factory, explore ancient plantation ruins and enjoy the hospitable culture and local cuisine of this laid back Caribbean community. If surfing is your sport of choice, you’ll love hitting the wild waves off Bathsheba and Cattlewash.  


3. Antigua

Often paired with its twin island, Barbuda, Antigua is a smaller, yet still alluring island in the Caribbean. The tight-knight community of St. John’s parish makes up the capital city of Antigua and is dotted with cricket grounds, casinos and cruise ships.

Still, if you venture off the immediate area surrounding the ports where the ships dock, you can explore the less-trafficked side of Antigua and enjoy a relaxing Caribbean vacation. Make plans to see Shirley Heights Lookout, where you can take in views of one of Antigua’s 365 white sand beaches.


4. Aruba

The Beach Boys may have made Aruba famous in their song, “Kokomo,” but this southern Caribbean island has long been a favorite of those who frequent the Caribbean. Covered in cacti, Aruba is not far from the coast of Venezuela, which helps it avoid the hurricanes and cyclones that so often unsettle the Atlantic belt.

You’ll find a curious mix Spanish, Dutch, Creole and Portuguese language and culture. Nature lovers will enjoy visiting Arikok National Park and hiking through the Ayo and Casibari rock formations.

As you can see from this brief overview, there’s more than one way to see the Caribbean. If you’ve visited before and want to go back for a different experience, contact Abby today. She or one of our many experienced travel advisors are ready to help you plan the Caribbean getaway you’ve been dreaming of.

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