2020 Travel Advisor Picks: Winter Wanderlust in Iceland, Norway and Antarctica

December 4, 2019 Mark Dauner

Travel to Iceland

If travel advisor Lisa Salloum could travel back in time, she would take more vacations with her family. She came to that realization one day watching her son pack up and prepare to move to a new city for his job.

“He had found some postcards I sent him during my travels with many mentions of ‘oh, we need to visit…This is amazing! I can hardly wait to bring you here,” she says. 

While Lisa has traveled extensively over the past twenty years, most of those trips did not include her family. Today, she channels her wanderlust into helping others take trips of a lifetime. 


Now Could be the Perfect Time to Travel to Iceland

“If your dream is to travel to Iceland or experience a true winter wonderland by planning to travel to Antarctica or some other adventure, I want to help you seize the moment instead of letting it pass you by as I did on some occasions. With me as your guide, you’ll soon realize I’m working for you and have great attention to detail and timeliness.”

As is true of many of our experienced travel advisors, Lisa specializes in custom-made travel packages for families, honeymoons, luxury vacations and European destinations. We asked Lisa what some of the top things to see in Iceland and other countries were and she provided us with some great suggestions!

If a sense of winter wanderlust has you considering travel to Iceland or other wintery vacation destinations, these spots won’t disappoint.


Planning Travel to Iceland, Norway or Antarctica? Satisfy Your Winter Wanderlust!

Travel advisor Lisa Salloum says travel to Iceland, Norway, Antarctica and other destinations that offer winter wonderland settings are popular with travelers these days. Here are five top sights to see in these dream destinations.


1. See the Northern Lights in Iceland

Iceland is home to 30 active volcanoes, hot springs and geysers. Ice caves and Europe’s largest glacier complement those hot attractions to make this country a true land of fire and ice. Winter, which runs from October through March, is the best time of year to see the Aurora Borealis as well as many other top sights in Reykjavik and other destinations across Iceland.


2. Walk Through The World’s Largest Ice Tunnel

Staying on Iceland, a trip here provides an opportunity to experience a breathtaking ice cave and chapel carved from ice and snow. Chiseled 1,800 feet beneath Langjökull sits the world’s largest man-made ice tunnel and it’s yours to explore when you travel to Iceland. If you want to see what may have inspired Frozen, this is the place for you!


3. Climb Mt. Floyen and See the Fjords of Bergen

Another winter wonderland worth planning a trip to is Norway. No travel to Norway would be complete without a visit to Mt. Floyen. Hike or mountain bike to its summit or take a funicular railway to see stunning views of Bergen and its impressive fjords. Afterwards, enjoy a festive meal and local music at the Floyen Folk Restaurant. 


4. Wonder Anew at the Arctic Cathedral

Before leaving Norway, it’s worth planning a trip to its Arctic Cathedral. Built in 1965 by Norwegian architect Jan Inge Hovig, it’s filled with sparkling mosaics, glass facades and dramatic structure that appears as floating blocks of ice.


5. Kayak with Whales in Antarctica

There’s no place on earth quite as epic as Antarctica, which is what makes it a must-see destination for anyone feeling a sense of winter wanderlust. If you’re up for adventure, the remote coves of Antarctica provide a fantastic place to kayak and see many different types of marine life. You could witness a humpback whale breach the surface of the icy waters right beside your kayak.

Combine that with a night camping under the brilliant glow of the milky way and you’ll be planning your next trip to Antarctica before you return from your first one!

If you’re wondering when the best time to travel to Iceland or have other travel questions, contact Lisa or any of our travel advisors today. Let us help you plan the vacation of a lifetime!

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