A carry-on guide for men

September 25, 2014 Mark Dauner

Packing is a stressful part of going on a trip, whether it be business travel or a vacation. What you bring along with you will largely depend on the destination you’re visiting and the reason for the stay.

When you’re filling up your suitcase for a business trip, you’ll want to pack items that are acceptable to wear at meetings as well as clothing that will be OK to wear should you take some time to explore the city you’re visiting.

Bloomberg recommended bringing a multifunctional bag with you if you’ll only be gone one to three days. Make sure it’s a bag that isn’t too small or too big and can easily fit in the overhead compartment of a plane and serve as your carry-on.

The source said that you may also want to consider a small tote with a shoulder strap. This is where you can keep your tablet, cell phone or magazines that you want to read while you’re on the plane or relaxing in your hotel room between meetings.

As far as clothing is concerned, men should pack solids and dark colors. Since you don’t have enough room to pack more than just a couple of outfits, solids and dark colors can easily be re-worn. If you choose to wear something that’s too bright or sticks out, then it’s more likely that those you’re seeing in meetings will remember what you’ve already worn.

One of the key things about travel is layering. You may find it beneficial to wear a simple T-shirt underneath a long-sleeve button-down. This allows you to more easily change between meetings and dinners. Undershirts can also be worn under sweaters or by themselves should you choose to venture out during your trip and do some sightseeing. Those that are planning to explore should also bring a pair of jeans if the weather will be cooler or shorts should the temperatures be on the warm side.

Don’t forget to pack your dress shoes and an extra pair of shoes that are more comfortable on your feet.

Extras that you might want to consider bringing with you on a business trip include sunglasses, breath mints, headphones and a cell phone charger.

Tips for packing a suit

A suit is probably No. 1 on the list of things to bring along for a business trip. You’re going to be going in and out of meetings and talking with clients, so it’s important that you look your best. However, it can be hard to pack a suit because it takes up more room in your carry-on and often ends up looking wrinkled if you pack too many other things in there with it.

According to Business Insider, you should follow these steps to pack a suit:

  1. Put your hands in the shoulder of your jacket with the jacket facing you.
  2. Fold the jacket in half, putting the two shoulders together.
  3. Fold one of the shoulders inside out over the other, so the lining is facing outward.
  4. Fold the jacket in half, putting the shoulders to the end of the jacket.
  5. Place folded pants in the fold of the jacket to protect them from wrinkles and to give the jacket added cushion from creases.

Remember that there really is no way to keep your clothing from getting small wrinkles or creases, especially if you’re going on a long flight or have several items packed away in your suitcase. However, by taking the proper steps to fold your suit, you can help minimize the number of wrinkles.

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