A friendly approach to traveling during the holidays

November 24, 2014 Nancy Rissky

TAT_Executive_NancyRissky_ColorWith the holidays fast approaching I got to thinking about how to relieve stress – both in your day-to-day life and while traveling. It occurred to me while driving to the airport today that most of what you hear on the news is negative and it’s easy to get stressed and uptight over the small stuff.

I kept driving with my mind going 100 miles an hour (my car was going the speed limit), thinking about all the things I need to get done, hoping my flight will be on time, wondering if my car and hotel room are ready, planning for my next 2 days of meetings, and much more. Then I noticed construction blocking off one lane ahead. Often, while on the road, you see aggressive driving, non-courteous drivers, etc. Today I took particular notice of how many people did slow down to let cars in.

When I arrived at the Parking Spot (my favorite off-site parking) I was greeted by an attendant with a welcoming smile telling me where to park. Once parked, the friendly driver was quick to pick me up and grab my luggage for me. We had a nice chat on the way to my terminal. She thanked me for being so friendly and appreciative as she had just dropped off a passenger who was very rude.

I headed into the airport to check my luggage and greeted the gentlemen behind the counter with a warm “hello and how are you today?”. He responded back, happily, saying that he was great. I headed through security and exchanged smiles with the TSA agent. As always, I got the “three beeps” meaning TSA Pre-Check is working as designed. I went into the United Club and had the same friendly experience.

Then it hit me. As I have said before on this blog, behavior breeds behavior! I let cars in first. I smiled first. I greeted everyone first – all with a smile. They couldn’t help but respond back in the same way. Try it! I promise it works. Remember this while traveling during the holidays. Take the first step at being nice. Get to the airport early and make it a priority to have a great day!

Nancy Rissky, CTC, GLP, is Travel and Transport’s Senior Vice President of Account Management and one of our most frequent travelers. Follow Nancy on Twitter. 

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