Alternate Air Options and More – What’s New in Dash

March 2, 2015 Alex Carias

Here is a quick look at the exciting new enhancements that Travel and Transport has been working on in our Dash mobile travel app:

Dash-iOS-Alternate-Air-OptionsAlternate Air Options

Business travelers know that plans can change in an instant. Have you ever sat for hours in the airport because your last meeting got cancelled? Maybe you’ve reached your gate just as the plane was pushing back and had to scurry to find a new flight. The flexibility you require for business are often at odds with the most important part of any business trip: reaching your next destination.

The latest enhancement to Travel and Transport’s Dash mobile app for iOS and Android will help. Our new Alternate Air Options feature will allow you to see what options are available for earlier or later flights. Dash will show options for each segment of your flight so it doesn’t matter where you’re at in your journey. Once you’ve identified some possibilities, simply use the Touch to Call feature and immediately connect to a travel counselor who can turn those possibilities into a new itinerary.

Flight Status Information

Receive flight complimentary status information directly on your smart phone! Powered by FlightStats, this system can be monitored by the user or can be configured to send proactive flight alerts via email or SMS.

TripLingo Integration for Android eTTek Dash Mobile Travel App Integrates with TripLingo for language and culture information

Users of Dash on iOS have had access to content and functionality from TripLingo since last fall. Travel and Transport is excited to bring these innovative features to Android users too. Our partnership with TripLingo allows users to obtain country-specific cultural information during international travel, as well as translate phrases into local languages and receive critical safety information to support duty of care for international travelers. 13 of the most frequently traveled to destinations are featured in the Dash update, with additional access to a total of 23 destinations available through the TripLingo app. Learn more about Dash and its integration with TripLingo.

Get Dash Today!

Dash is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices.

Do you have questions about this release or suggestions for future enhancements? I’d love to hear about them. Leave a message in the comments below or email me at

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