Benefits of booking hotels through a business travel management company

January 7, 2019 Cassie Uecker

Benefits of booking travel with a TMC
Travelers and travel buyers are always on the lookout for ways to lower travel costs. Sometimes, there is more at stake than just the price. It is important to examine and understand the potential value of the fare you are purchasing and consider possible incremental costs and added complexities. Booking through a Travel Management Company (TMC) offers savings and added value while also mitigating the risk of additional or unforeseen costs.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of booking through a TMC.

1. Keep your Loyalty Points
When travelers utilize a TMC, using, and accruing, loyalty points is a standard offering. Loyalty points are a huge perk to many business travelers and make their many days on the road seem a little less exhausting. That well-earned vacation isn’t as far off with a stash of loyalty points in your back pocket!

2. Navigate Hidden Travel Costs
Hotel rates can be pre-pay or post-pay. It should be noted that most pre-paid content is nonrefundable. By booking through a TMC, your travel counselor can guide you through what hidden costs may be associated with these lower rates and help to avoid no-show/cancellation charges if travel plans change.

3. Access to Perks
Travel booked through a TMC receives considerations offered under corporate or TMC negotiated rates. This can include:

  • A decreased likelihood of being “walked” in a sell-out situation
  • Better access to preferred room category and/or location
  • Additional amenities negotiated as part of the corporate/TMC rates

4. Positive Buyer Impact
In addition to the traveler gaining certain perks and amenities and being guarded from potential unforeseen costs, booking through a TMC positively impacts the travel buyer and the company’s travel program as a whole.

  • TMC bookings are credited to the client, which results in increased leverage when negotiating for corporate preferred rates
  • Companies can gain waivers and/or favors, such as the waiving of no-show or cancellation fees

5. Better service to travelers
Last, but certainly not least, booking through a TMC enhances the customer service received by the traveler. Travel counselors have immediate access to reservation details to resolve any issues that arise before, during and after travel. In addition, through the use of a profile, travel counselors learn the preferences and patterns of their travelers, personalizing the encounter.

Travelers who book through a TMC are recognized as traveling on behalf of their company. This impacts customer service, the travel buyer’s status with the supplier and everything in between in a positive manner.

Travel buyers are challenged with constant questions around the value of booking through a TMC. As the points illustrate above, it is important to consider the entire impact, not just rates. The added value in booking through a TMC amounts to much greater overall savings and an improved traveler experience.

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