Big Data and The Future of Travel Technology

August 11, 2015 Mark Dauner

featured-image-big-data-brian-beard-beat-live-travel-technologyEverybody’s heard about Big Data, but what does it really mean? The most basic definition of Big Data would be information that is collected from multiple channels, including both external and internal company sources, then combined and analyzed in such a way that provides companies with new insights that can lead to better, more informed decisions. The whole can truly equal more than the sum of its parts.

If you attended GBTA this year or paid any attention to the business travel media in recent weeks, you may have heard about Travel and Transport’s Big Data solution. This new initiative offers companies access to a data solutions tool that can change the way a business runs. The new business tool aggregates expense data and card data with back-office data, then fuses financial data, world health data, fuel price data, airline on-time data, world weather data, hotel rate projections and more, to produce visualizations and predictive metrics that will give travel managers better decision making ability.

Travel and Transport’s Big Data solution will reduce the need for expensive technology development and increase the speed to market for future enhancements at a highly competitive market value. As Brian Beard, General Manager, Strategic Initiatives with Travel and Transport said, “This is an exciting time for companies as now, more than ever, they can see a true picture of the company spend.”



The Beat Live conference will be held this year in Arlington, Virginia from September 29 – October 1, 2015. Each year, The Beat holds a vote among subscribers of their publication to determine one of the event’s keynote speakers. This year, our very own Brian Beard is one of the finalists with the topic “The Future of Travel Technology.”

Here’s Brian’s synopsis:

Brian-Beard-Big-Data-Solutions-Travel-and-TransportTechnology will be one of the biggest factors (if not the biggest) driving change in our industry. Travel and Transport will explore the top technologies that will cause disruption, transparency, disintermediation and significant improvement for our industry. Technologies like Big Data, voice recognition and three-dimensional displays will be featured and other topics like why open booking has not caught on and what technologies might allow it to succeed will also be explored.

When it comes to technology, we tend to be very shortsighted. Let’s look a few years into the future for a glimpse into potential changes that could impact distribution, retailing, travel management operations, purchasing, negotiations and more.

We think you’ll definitely want to hear what Brian has to say on this transformational topic. If you agree and you’re a subscriber to The Beat, please cast your vote to see Brian Beard as a keynote speaker at The Beat Live. Your vote matters! 

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