Business Travel Tips to Improve your Wellbeing

February 4, 2019 Nicole S., OBI Creative

The travel ecosystem, like the world we inhabit, is dynamic. Business travel tips around data management, technology innovation and travel trends are constant pings on the radar screens of travel management companies and corporate travel managers.

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At Travel and Transport, we’re aware of those factors, but filter them through a customer-centric worldview so that we can keep our focus on what matters most — the wellbeing of our customers.

A Year of Business Travel Tips in 3 Critical Areas

Helping our customers travel well requires us to provide proactive service in several critical areas:

Innovation — applying the right technology to solve the most difficult problems is a critical component of enhancing the travel experience for business travelers and travel managers. Look for information here that talks about some of the latest travel technology.

Get our take on popular technology trends in the travel industry and new ideas.

Learn how Travel and Transport helps customers apply this technology within their managed travel programs. Visit our Business Travel Innovation center for insights like this:

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Experience — how can travelers save time, stress less and experience a more satisfying travel experience? When a journey becomes a positive personal experience, business travelers are free to become more productive while they’re on the road.

Visit our Traveler Experience center for productivity tips, travel policy enhancements, popular amenities that travelers love, mobile technology insights and more.

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Wellbeing —the physical, social and mental wellbeing of business travelers should be at the heart of everything a travel management company does.

Look anywhere in the travel industry today and you will find a focus on wellness.

Wellness is important — physical, mental, emotional and social, because road warriors are more productive when they are at their best, and we’re all at our best when we’re well.

From bottles of water, morning runs and spiffed up gyms at hotels to flying business class when you’re embarking on global travel, there are many ways to emphasize wellness in business travel. We’ll share ideas on how to do exactly that in our Traveler Wellbeing center.

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In the Months Ahead

Throughout 2019, we’ll be sharing business travel tips around these three areas to keep our focus, and yours, on what matters most — improving and protecting customer wellbeing on every trip.

Stay in step with our Focus on What Matters campaign by signing up to receive updates. Whenever we post new business travel tips around technology and innovation, enhancing the travel experience, or traveler wellbeing, you’ll be among the first to know. 

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