Chile chosen as site for 2015 Adventure Travel World Summit

January 21, 2015 Travel and Transport

Whether it’s embarking on a safari tour in South Africa or witnessing your first live whale in Alaska, the experiences adventure travel can provide will produce memories you’ll never forget in life. No one understands this better than the Adventure Travel Trade Association, an organization devoted not only to preserving how tourism positively impacts countries and cities around the globe, but also to showing travelers how these exotic expeditions can both educate and enlighten. In addition to their constant efforts at improving adventure tourism worldwide, the ATTA also holds an annual Adventure Travel World Summit trade conference every year to address pressing issues and share ideas to continue making its mark upon the international travel industry.

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Chile will be the 2015 home for the Adventure Travel World Summit
The ATTA has recently unveiled Chile as the site for the 2015 Adventure Travel World Summit, and is scheduled to take place between October 5 through 8 later this fall. The city of Puerto Varas will be the exact location for the event, and it is situated near plenty of rivers, volcanoes and mountains, three essential components to adventure travel.

The coordinators for the Adventure Travel World Summit listed a variety of reasons for choosing Chile as the home for this year’s event, specifically pointing out the fact that the country is home to 10 official UNESCO Biosphere Reserves as well as having 20 percent of its total landmass protected. Due to the sheer variety of outdoor activities and cultural pastimes within the area, Chile is a representation of what makes adventure travel so beneficial to not only the people who visit, but to the local communities and economies as well.

About the Adventure Travel World Summit
The event is set to gather up more than 700 delegates from all over the world that hope to share new ideas that involve maintaining and improving the estimated $263 billion adventure travel industry. Decision makers from all positions within the travel industry, including tour operators, media members, travel agents and other various tourism agencies employees, will be on hand to discuss everything from operational and marketing strategies for adventure tourism practices to advocating more responsible tourism practices all around the world.

One of the best parts about the Adventure Travel World Summit is that it brings together the leading names and faces within the adventure travel industry, allowing for more networking opportunities to collaborate on improving the field. Educational seminars and keynote speakers will present new and exciting ideas to the attendees, showcasing different marketing ideas for increasing international traveling numbers across the globe while expressing opinions on how tourism will affect the local communities visited. New products manufactured and designed for adventure travel purposes will also be reviewed, as well as blueprints for new professional development programs aimed at creating new tourism-focused businesses within these exotic locations.

“Chile has embraced the foundation of what it means to develop a sustainable tourism model.”

Chile’s allure for adventure tourists
Chile had been previously picked as the ATTA’s No. 1 choice for the 2011 Adventure Travel Development Index for emerging adventure travel destinations. When asked why Chile had been selected as this year’s site for the Adventure Travel World Summit, Shannon Stowell, the president of the ATTA, explained how this country in particular has taken great strides to improving its accessibility and accommodations for adventure travelers.

“Chile has embraced the foundation of what it means to develop a sustainable tourism model,” Stowell said in a statement. “The government has committed resources for developing standards and regulations as well as charted a course toward training, local community engagement and branding as an adventure destination. The 2013 Chile Adventure Week was a great success and was a turning point for tour operators in Chile to understand the depth and variety of needs of the international tour operator community. Our hope is the Summit continues this education.”

Everything from the welcoming attitude of the local people to the outstanding number of national parks available to explore were listed as primary factors for why Chile remains one of the most sought-out destinations for adventure travel. In fact, leisurely tourism has been an extremely stimulating source of income for Chile’s travel industry. The World Travel and Tourism Council listed that in 2013, more than 83 percent of travel industry revenue was received through leisure spending, and was expected to grow by nearly 6 percent in 2014.

Global adventure travel revenues on the rise
Revenue from adventure travel all around the world has consistently increased over the past five years. The ATTA listed in its 2013 Adventure Tourism Market Study that the global adventure tourism industry is roughly worth more than $263 billion, which is 65 percent higher than what it was projected to be back in 2009. The future remains bright for the international travel industry, and the Adventure Travel World Summit hopes to only help improve those numbers.

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