Dash mobile travel app integrating with TripLingo

November 24, 2014 Chantel Windeshausen

eTTek Dash Mobile Travel App Integrates with TripLingo for language and culture informationTravel and Transport’s mobile travel app Dash is now integrated with content and functionality from TripLingo on iOS devices. [Update March 2, 2015: TripLingo integration is now available on both iOS and Android versions of Dash] This allows users to obtain country-specific cultural information during international travel, as well as translate phrases into local languages and receive critical safety information to support duty of care for international travelers.

New benefits
When travelers utilize the Dash app, they will have access to linguistic features that provide numerous advantages during international travel. The TripLingo integration enables travelers to learn various words and phrases in the native language using easily comprehensible audio clips and phonetic spellings. With a few swipes of the thumb, users can gain insight into topics ranging from body language to dining, safety and more.

13 of the most frequently traveled to destinations are featured in the Dash update, with additional access to a total of 23 destinations available through the TripLingo app. For every corresponding international destination on a traveler’s itinerary, a clickable banner will allow the user to link to pages containing additional phrases and cultural information from TripLingo.

“As mobility evolves, it is our mission to empower customers with actionable and helpful content to make the travel experience easier and more enjoyable,” Mike Kubasik, executive vice president and chief information officer at Travel and Transport, said. “We feel TripLingo’s leading edge technology is a natural fit for anyone traveling internationally.

“We’re excited to complement Travel and Transport’s technology and service driven solutions by offering practical tools that address the unique challenges of international travel. Assisting travelers with duty of care and driving unique cost-saving opportunities creates a win for all parties,” said Jesse Maddox, TripLingo’s CEO. “We are thrilled with the opportunity to integrate our technologies in order to continue to support Travel and Transport’s mission and client-centric approach.”


Dash advantages
In addition to the instant access to valuable cultural and linguistic information, the integration will include all of the same advantages users have come to know and trust through the Dash mobile app. Some of the standard features you’ll be equipped with include:

  • Updated itinerary information
  • Web check-in
  • Seating information
  • Flight delay notifications
  • Gate change information
  • Touch-to-call
  • Add-to-calendar
  • Email itineraries
  • Trip sharing
  • Travel alerts
  • Local weather
  • Currency conversion
  • Dining guides

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