Eat Across Africa: 7 Delicious Food Travel Destinations

November 21, 2019 Mark Dauner

Food Travel in Africa: 7 Delicious Food Travel Destinations

It’s no secret that food travel is booming worldwide. Our experienced travel advisors plan unforgettable culinary travel experiences for clients all the time and are seeing a variety of culinary travel trends. One of those trends seems to be overlooking Africa as a food travel destination.

While Europe and the Americas may gain more notoriety from newbie food travelers, more experienced epicureans know that this continent is home to tantalizing food travel experiences.


7 Delicious Food Travel Destinations in Africa

In addition to abundant culinary options, some of the more compelling aspects of choosing Africa for a culinary travel experience are its rich history, incredible culture and exotic wildlife. As our list of destinations show, you can see amazing historical sights as you savor delightful local dishes. 


1. Eat Alongside Roman Ruins in Fes, Morocco

In the old town of Fes, Morocco, food travelers will find Roman ruins right alongside North African dishes like tagine, couscous and zaalouk. All will delight your tastebuds as you gain an unforgettable appreciation for ancient history. 


2. Cycle Across Cape Town in South Africa

If you enjoy cycling and wine tasting, a food tour of Cape Town, South Africa combining both makes a supremely satisfying food travel experience. From vineyards in Stellenbosch to whale-watching off the coast of the Cape, you’ll have an amazing time sipping and savoring South Africa.  


3. Visit Seaside Gardens in Stone Town, Zanzibar

Food Travel in Africa: 7 Delicious Food Travel Destinations

As you listen to the gentle sounds of the sea and bask in the waning glow of sunset, a vibrant nightlife takes shape in Stone Town, Zanzibar. Local merchants serve up sopotel, which is a tasty meat and organ masala, pepper shark, and a meat and vegetable stew that locals call boku-boku. Centuries of cultural influence from India, China, Europe, Portugal and the Middle East leave their imprint on the local fare here, creating an amazing culinary experience. 


4. Satisfy Your Appetite in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

If you have ever dined at an Ethiopian restaurant in your home town and wished for more, you’ll find it in Addis Ababa. Taste injera, wats, tibs and lentils like you never have before. Plan time to enjoy a cup of coffee as you stroll through some of the city’s colorful markets. You’ll be glad you did!


5. Experience French-influenced Cuisine in Algeria

Food Travel in Africa: 7 Delicious Food Travel Destinations

Situated on the Mediterranean coast, Algiers is a culinary jewel. Dine on a remarkable combination of European, Arab, North African and Mediterranean cuisine here while taking in the gorgeous sights of the Mediterranean Sea. 


6. Gorge on German-inspired Dishes in Namibia

German food might seem like an unexpected find in Namibia, but your tastebuds will welcome it all the same. Bratwursts made from ostrich, zebra, kudu and warthog are just a few of the unique local spins you’ll find on German and South-African-inspired dishes here. 


7. Nom Nom in Nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria is home to one of Africa’s largest cities and some of its spiciest and most flavorful cuisine. Spiced jollof rice, egusi soup and pounded yams shine along with okra soup and fried plantains. You’ll find more to enjoy here than you’ll have room for, guaranteed.

This list of food travel destinations barely scratches the surface of what’s waiting to be explored in Africa. Release your inner explorer today by contacting one of our experienced travel advisors to plan your next culinary getaway!

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