Escorted Travel Tours — Are They Right for You?

September 18, 2019 Mark Dauner

Escorted Travel Tours — Are They Right For You?

Travel Advisors Discuss the Benefits of Escorted Travel Tours


For many travelers, escorted travel tours, or group travel tours, are popular and satisfying ways to see the world, but how can you know if an escorted tour is right for you? We asked our experienced travel advisors to weigh in on the best-escorted tour companies and the benefits of group travel tours.

Elsewhere, we defined what escorted tours are and talked about some of the benefits of guided group travel. We shared that escorted tours led by knowledgeable local guides deliver an immersive experience that make travelers feel less like tourists and more like global citizens.

Here, we’re diving deeper into the topic of escorted travel tours to understand what kind of travelers they’re best for and what makes them shine. Two of our experienced travel advisors, Kim Gahm (Northern California) and Naomi Sucha (Omaha, Nebraska HQ), share who escorted tours are right for and how they find the best escorted tour companies for customers. 


Who are escorted travel tours best for?

According to both Kim and Naomi, almost anyone! Couples, solo travelers, and families can all benefit from an escorted tour — the true benefit of this type of trip is that it’s hassle-free with almost everything included, which holds broad appeal.

Naomi also noted that travelers looking for an in-depth experience, easy transfers between different locations, and the opportunity to meet new people along the way might be interested in escorted tours.  


What do you look for in a top escorted tour company?

While it depends on the wants, needs and budget of the traveler, Naomi advises the important things to pay attention to include the itinerary — does it fit what you’re looking for? How much sightseeing is included? — how large the group is, and how many meals are included.

Kim adds that the number of companies out there are practically endless — in other words, there’s something for just about every client’s needs, whether you’re a solo traveler, budget-minded, looking for luxury, traveling with your family or a group, or interested in trends such as adventure travel or ecotourism. 


Where are the best destinations for escorted or group travel tours?

Naomi didn’t limit her answer to just one destination. “I think everywhere!” she said.

And while the destination opportunities really are endless, Kim provided a couple of go-to spots that are popular with travelers who enjoy these kinds of travel tours.

“Anywhere you would like to go to be immersed in the local culture,” she said. “Europe, South America, Asia, Australia, Africa, India. There are even great escorted tours closer to home in Canada and the US.”


How does the presence of a knowledgeable local guide impact the overall escorted travel experience?

According to both Kim and Naomi, a knowledgeable, local guide is, “essential!”

“The guides are the best and most important part of an escorted vacation,” says Kim. “Guides offer a wealth of knowledge on their country, culture and community. They also provide safe, enjoyable and fun travel experiences along the way.”

If that doesn’t say it all, we don’t know what does.


Are you planning a getaway? Do it the easy way — with the expert insight and connections of an experienced travel advisor. Our professional travel advisors are ready to help you plan an unforgettable escorted travel tour today!

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