European Tours: 4 of the Best Places for Foodies

November 27, 2019 Mark Dauner

Food Tours Europe — Best Places in Europe for Foodies

Continuing our series on food travel, today we’re highlighting some of the best places for foodies in Europe. 


Food Tour Europe: Four Flavorful Options

Food tours are an excellent way to taste the world while you see it. Our travel advisors regularly hear from travelers who say food and wine tours gave them an authentic taste of a new place. With that in mind, here are four of our top recommendations for foodies to visit in Europe. 


1. See Spain a New Way — with a Food Tour of Catalan

From Galician seafood to Catalonian tapas, culinary adventures abound in Spain. A region with food as rich as its history, Catalan is a delicious food travel destination. A food tour of Catalan captures the essence of the Mediterranean, allowing you to experience the farms, olive groves, vineyards and refined cuisine of this delectable region.


2. Walking Food Tour, Parisian Style

No food tour in Europe would be complete without an option to visit Paris. A walking tour of Parisian neighborhoods allows travelers to take in the chic eateries, bustling boulangeries and casual cafes of Paris. Our advisors help travelers see both the new and modern options alongside the traditional places such as the Marche des Enfants Rouges, which is Paris’ oldest covered market. 


3. Tantalize Your Tastebuds with a Food Tour in Italy

The most difficult aspect of planning a food travel tour to Italy is deciding which corner of it you want to explore. Obsessed with cooking and food, Italy is overflowing with tantalizing food tours. From authentic Napoletana pizza in Naples to gelato in Sicily to food and wine tours in Tuscany, there’s plenty of exquisite dining adventures to be had in Italy.


4. Graze Your Way Through Copenhagen

Copenhagen’s West End is brimming with gourmet food hangouts. Learn about the meatpacking district and see how old factories have been transformed into foodie hotspots. Snack on an open sandwich or tempt your tastebuds with artisan cheese. Finish it off with a fresh microbrew. From breakfast to bakeries and everything in between, there’s much for foodies to explore in Copenhagen.


While this list of tantalizing food travel options in Europe could most certainly continue, these four food tour options show how much there is to be explored. If you’re salivating, let our experienced food travel advisors help you put together the perfect food travel menu for your next trip.

Reach out to us today to plan an epicurean expedition in Europe!

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