Fliers prefer own devices to seat-back screens

August 28, 2014 Mark Dauner

A new study by Osurv, titled "Airline Passengers Receptive to BYOD Future," reported that travelers prefer to bring their own devices on travel than to watch in-flight entertainment on seat-back screens. While the bring your own device trend is growing increasingly popular, the study found that it's also helping to reduce costs for airlines.

While passengers prefer to bring their own devices anyway, they also want to be compensated for helping the airline cut back on costs. The source stated that travelers want more free entertainment or lower ticket prices.

The study found that despite skepticism among critics who believe the disadvantages to BYOD, such as the potentially for hackers, will make travelers angry, most are receptive to the idea of bringing along their own entertainment devices.

According to the Chicago Tribune, 71 percent of those who responded to the survey with OK with the idea of phasing out seat-back screens and migrating toward using personal devices. Approximately 9 percent of passengers wanted to completely eliminate the airlines' seat-back screens.

One of the reasons that passengers prefer their own devices is because of high-quality screens. Fliers also want to be able to turn to in-flight entertainment as a stress reliever, but some respondents said that the seat-back screens only increased stress due to malfunctions and screen glare.

"Even though airlines must continue to address passengers' perceptions of BYOD, the overall findings suggest a bright future for this emerging trend," the study said.

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