Flying with Kids? Survive Your Trip with These Tips

July 10, 2019 Mark Dauner

Flying with Kids? Survive Your Trip with These Tips

Flying with kids can be rough. Toddlers are about as unpredictable as airline travel. Still, following these tips for flying with kids will make your journey more enjoyable. 


Tips for Flying with Kids

Whether you’re traveling with a toddler prone to surprise sprints across the airport or flying with children who hate leaving home, there are a few tips you can follow to make your trip a little less painful. Here are our best tips for flying with kids!


Make it Fun

This tip may be hard to implement if you hate flying, but aside from that, if you make flying fun, chances are good your child will find it fun too. Talk about your travel beforehand and all the fun you’ll have flying. Kids often find amusement in simple things, so don’t be afraid to talk up the snacks and drinks on the plane. 


Don’t Worry About Screentime

Especially for older kids, if you are typically judicious about how much screen time you allow your children to enjoy at home, they will find hours of entertainment in getting to plug in on their flights. Once the pilot gives the green light for turning on portable devices, bust yours out and let your kids play games or watch TV. Don’t forget the headphones so other travelers don’t have to play along with your kids.


Throw Routine Out the Window

Along with the above tip, don’t stress over your normal routines flexing a bit during travel. If your child wants to take a nap off-schedule or stay up when she’s normally sleeping, roll with it. Focus on getting from A to B with as little fight as possible. Besides, he may have trouble sleeping when you arrive at your destination, and if he’s able to snooze a bit on the plane, you’ll be thankful for it. 


Bring Plenty to Do (and Eat)

Along with tablets and devices, one of the best tips for flying with kids is to pack some snacks, books, coloring pages and other quiet activities to help your child pass the time.  


Pack Extra Clothes for Everyone

You never know when an accident is going to happen. Sometimes a clean shirt or pair of shorts can make mom and dad, as well as your little ones, feel a lot better. When you’re packing an extra outfit for your kids, remember to throw in an extra shirt for yourself. 


Put a Tag on That

When you’re busy putting tags on your bags at home or when you arrive at the airport, don’t overlook putting a digital tag on your child. Bluetooth tracker tags make it possible for you to know the exact location of your bags and your kids. While you never want to become separated from your child, knowing you can look at your smartphone and see where she is will bring much-needed peace of mind. 

Looking for more help flying with kids or planning your next vacation? Our travel advisors are here to help! Reach out today for assistance with your next adventure.

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