Favorite Moments from GBTA 2019 - Part 2: Education Sessions

August 14, 2019 Mark Dauner

In our first post, we covered some of our favorite moments from GBTA 2019 in Chicago, including our booth, important business travel topics such as NDC and Travel and Transport's community outreach through the Chicago organization Night Ministry. There were so many favorites we just couldn't fit them all into a single post!

Travel and Transport and Radius Travel were well-represented in panels and education sessions throughout the convention. Here are the highlights:

Making the Road Warrior’s Journey Easier

Joel Bailey, Travel and Transport’s Senior Vice President - Customer Solutions, led a panel entitled Making the Road Warrior’s Journey Easier. Joel talked with representatives from Delta Air Lines, Hilton and Enterprise Holdings about topics like: 

  • How have technology and data helped to personalize, customize or improve the traveler experience?
  • What results have been seen in terms of traveler satisfaction, cost savings and compliance as a result of programs focused on road warriors? 
  • What actions or next steps can buyers take to improve the experience of their most frequent travelers?

Joel Bailey: Without having all the data it's difficult to understand exactly why travelers are booking outside of what's offered through your travel management company - GBTA 2019

Get the slides from this session. 

Hone Your Presentation Skills Through Storytelling

Karen Brennan, Travel and Transport’s Senior Director of Global Sales, moderated a panel entitled Hone Your Presentation Skills Through Storytelling that featured Michelle DeCosta, Head of Global Travel and Meetings & Events at Takeda and Duane Goucher, Director, Travel, Entertainment, Meetings & Expense at Allstate Insurance Company. The topic was how buyers and suppliers can improve their internal presentation skills and apply key concepts of listening to understand and build a story. Eight important storytelling tips were provided that included authenticity, knowing the audience, avoiding pitches and more. 

Honing your presentation skills through storytelling -  Focus on the buyer and the value your solutions bring - Karen Brennan - GBTA 2019

Get the slides from this session. 

Is a Meetings Management Program Right for You?

Henrietta Balint, senior director, global meetings & events at Radius Travel conducted a panel including Marla Everett account manager from Travel and Transport, Douglas O’Neil, CEO at Inntel and René Proske, CEO at PROSKE. 

The informative discussion taught attendees how to engineer success and navigate obstacles when contemplating building a Meetings Management program.

Marla Everett - In my experience, Almost every SMMP has evolved differently than the original plan. The most successful ones plan for frequent opportunities to assess current state and reassess their future direction. - GBTA 2019

Get the slides from this session. 

Data as the New Digital Currency

Brian Beard, President of DVI, participated in a panel entitled Get Ready for the Next Gold Rush: Data as the New Digital Currency increasing complexity of travel data and the significant opportunity for those who are able to mine this data effectively.

Our industry has been hampered by data quality and poor integration between systems. It's time to change that. By applying cutting edge technology like machine learning, DVI is solving that problem for travel and finance executives. - Brian Beard - GBTA 2019

For related reading, Check out Brian’s article entitled Are Your Travel Reports Powered by a Ferrari or a Lawnmower.

A Best-In-Class Travel Program for Mid-Market Clients

Gregory Mannix, Radius Travel’s director, global sales, EMEA, moderated a panel entitled Navigating and Executing a Best-In-Class Travel Program for Mid-Market Clients. The session took a detailed look at mid-sized global clients, focusing on engaging key stakeholders and highlighting technology options to ensure the successful rollout of a first-rate global travel program. 

Sometimes it seems like the global giants take all the focus in the business travel industry. Across our session, our industry experts readdress this and provide insight and tips on how mid-sized clients can obtain a best in class travel program - GBTA 2019

Get the slides from this session.

Also, check out Greg’s post A medium fish in a big pond: managing a midmarket travel program for more great information. 


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