Helping travelers stay ahead of winter weather

November 13, 2014 Valeri McMahon

The U.S. was really dealt its fair share of winter storms during the 2013-2014 winter season. During the holidays, crippled airports left travelers stranded for hours or even days in some cases. If you are a frequent business traveler, you were probably impacted by one or more of those storm systems as well, and may have had to endure multiple flight delays or cancellations.

Helping travelers stay ahead of winter weatherDuring an ice storm that hit Dallas last year, Travel and Transport experienced a higher call volume than what was previously recorded during Hurricane Sandy. A nor’easter on February 13, 2014 led to the worst travel day yet this winter with over 14,000 flight cancellations and 32,000 delays.

Travel and Transport’s Command Center consistently monitors the weather and its potential impact it may have on our customer’s travel arrangements. These travel specialists monitor any waivers that are created, adjust staffing in all reservation centers as needed to handle call volume, and notify customers of potential flight disruptions and delays. If significant weather events are predicted, they will activate our Catastrophe Team (CAT) to prepare for the worse case scenario.

Since Mother Nature’s mind is tough to read, the Command Center works hand in hand with weather forecasting specialists like Stormpulse to provide our clients with accurate weather information nationwide. This partnership takes the guesswork out of the equation, so our travelers aren’t left to interpret on their own how the weather forecast may impact their travel. Stormpulse meteorologists consult with our Command Center to provide updates on forecasted or observed weather conditions. These instant updates detail disturbances including thunderstorms with hail and wind threats, tropical storms and hurricanes, flooding potential, and winter storms with snow and ice risks. This enables the team to obtain the timely information needed without having to contact multiple sources or comb the Internet for forecasts.

When human intervention is needed, our powerful technology can save the day. In a travel world where online booking is prevalent, weather disruptions frequently force travelers to be in contact with their airline for assistance, potentially enduring long waits on hold and long lines at the booking counter in the airport. Having a travel counselor just a direct phone call away is a huge timesaving benefit for a weary traveler. Travel and Transport’s mobile app, eTTek Dash, empowers our travelers to do just that via a touch-to-call button.

Travelers can also stay up-to-the-minute on weather delays by visiting Travel and Transport’s website at where they will find all travel alerts prominently displayed on our home page. We also encourage all of our travelers to follow us on Twitter @tandtalerts to see all of our late breaking travel notifications.

Winter weather is very unpredictable and we want to ensure that our travelers are prepared should weather start to cause significant delays or cancellations. As always, Travel and Transport highly recommends that all travelers contact Travel and Transport early to change/cancel reservations. This will help you avoid long hold times during the peak of the storm.

Should you have any questions regarding this information or how your travelers can stay prepared during the winter weather season, please contact your Travel and Transport account manager. If you’re not yet a Travel and Transport client, find out more by contacting us today!

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