Hotels introduce new customer-centric technology

November 5, 2014 Mark Dauner

Many hotels are featuring room-control options available through guests' tablets. The need for hotels to adapt to their digital-driven customers has vastly increased. Recent advancements in technology have practically ushered in a new era for hotels, and many resort companies are beginning to finally take notice of catering to smartphone users. From eliminating unnecessary room keys to avoiding long lines during check-in, here are just a few of the ways hotels have recently began to implement more travel-friendly applications and accessories for their customers:

No more check-in lines
For anyone on business travel who has endured a long or delayed flight or lengthy car ride from the airport to their hotel only to arrive and find a massive line at the check-in desk should rejoice. Many hotels are now offering their guests mobile check-ins and check-outs, which is slowly proving to be a highly successful hit with smartphone users. All it takes to confirm your appearance or departure at their participating hotels is a few swipes and clicks of the screen, and the application is now standard for all Marriott locations around the world.

Tablet-controlled rooms
More hotels are beginning to acknowledge the technological advantages a tablet can provide for guests. While the first introduction to using tablets at hotels was at the front desk, many resorts are now installing tablets within guest rooms so customers can actually control their accommodations with just a few swipes of a tablet. Whether you want to adjust the room temperature, dim the lights or order room service, you can achieve all these requests from just one tablet device.

No more room keys
Many travelers can attest to how annoying hotel room keys can be. From misplacing your room key near the pool to finding that it doesn’t work after you’ve hauled all your luggage up to the room, there’s always a slight risk something can go wrong with these flimsy cards. Luckily, many hotels are beginning to do away with room keys by allowing guests to merely use their smartphones to grant themselves entrance. Before arriving, guests can download the free application available to reward members, which can even allow travelers to check into their rooms hours before their scheduled arrival time.

What technology do you find most valuable while you’re staying at a hotel? Tell us in the comments!

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