How can SMEs benefit from the services of a travel management company?

January 16, 2019 Mark Dauner

Although much of the focus in the corporate travel industry seems to be on Fortune 500 and larger organizations, small and medium-sized enterprises make up a considerable portion of the business travel market. SMEs are a significant focus for Travel and Transport and our President and Chief Operating Officer Tim Fleming was featured in an article entitled SMEs meet TMCs in the January, 2019 issue of Business Travel Executive

SMEs with rogue spending and leakage in their travel programs can derive considerable benefit from a travel management company. "It used to be that the corporation controlled everything," said Fleming in the article. "Now travelers expect the same experience on the corporate side as the consumer"

Other topics covered in the BTE article:

  • What can/should an SME expect in terms of services from a travel management company?
  • How can TMCs support duty of care for SMEs?
  • What is the importance of building a team that specifically works with SMEs? 

Check out the full article to find out more about how corporate travel management companies can benefit SMEs

Business Travel Executive January 2019
pages 14-15 Table of Contents
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