How to identify travel data that matters to SMEs

May 17, 2016 Mark Dauner
featured-image-big-data-brian-beard-beat-live-travel-technologyThere are seemingly endless sources of data available to companies who want to analyze their business travel programs, including TMC reporting data, expense data, credit card data, supplier data and more. The problem is that collecting and combining this data in a way that is usable and actionable can be challenging, time consuming and often times cost prohibitive – particularly for small and mid-size enterprises.

On Friday, May 13, Business Travel News’ JoAnn DeLuna published a story entitled “Identifying the Data that Matters“. Travel and Transport’s general manager of strategic initiatives Brian Beard was interviewed for this story and he provided insight on how SMEs can:

  • Access the data that is most important to their program. “Expense data, credit card [data] and a feed from the back office or TMC—those three together can give you a reasonably accurate picture of your entire travel program,” said Beard.
  • Optimize the tools that they have available to ensure that the data they are getting is quality. “It’s not only important for the travel manager to get data, but it’s important for the TMC to get HR data so when the traveler travels, the TMC not only knows who the traveler is but what the employee ID, phone number and cost center is within the organization. It really helps us on the back end to do all the process,”  Beard told BTN.
  • Work with key partners including their travel management company who can use its resources to provide better intelligence than they may be able to achieve independently.

You can read the whole story on BTN’s website. 


Last year at GBTA Convention 2015, Travel and Transport announced our big data solution, which aggregates expense data and card data with back-office data with many other streams of travel, financial and other data to produce visualizations and predictive metrics that will give travel managers better decision making ability. We have been working hard on this revolutionary system and are excited to show it off at GBTA Convention 2016 in Denver. Look for more updates as we get closer to the event and be sure to visit us in person if you’re attending!

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