iJET: Plague Outbreak in Madagascar

November 9, 2017

​Many media outlets are sensationalizing the current plague outbreak in Madagascar and its risk of spreading to neighboring countries. People typically associate plague with the Black Death that killed an estimated 50 million people in Europe during the 14th century. However, plague can now be treated with conventional antibiotics when detected in time and is easily prevented by practicing basic health and insect bite precautions, or taking post-exposure antibiotics. 

While you should be aware of the current plague outbreak in Madagascar, you should not panic. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) currently recommends against any restrictions on trade and travel to Madagascar and the US CDC has only issued a travel health notice encouraging travelers to practice enhanced health precautions - predominantly avoidance of flea bites and diligence in personal health precautions, in the case of plague. 

iJET International's Senior Health Intelligence Analyst Melissa Dudley has provided a thorough overview of the situation in Madagascar

  • What is the Current Plague Situation in Madagascar?
  • Why is the Plague Outbreak in Madagascar a Concern?
  • What is the Risk of Plague Spreading from Madagascar to Other Countries?  
  • When Will the Current Plague Outbreak in Madagascar End?
  • What Precautions Can I Take to Protect Myself?

Get answers to all of these important global travel questions from iJET.  

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