Infographic: Elements of an Exceptional Mobile Travel App

February 5, 2015 Mark Dauner

These days, essentially anyone who puts in the hours on the road driving to client meetings or racking up the airline miles in pursuit of closing a deal can attest to the absolute necessity of a smartphone. A few swipes of the screen will lead you to an app that possesses the potential to accomplish everything from comparing parking garage prices to arranging dinner reservations. But with the mobile travel app market bursting with so many services vying for your usage, what exactly sets these applications apart in terms of overall excellence? Here’s a breakdown of all the elements you need in a mobile travel app:

Infographic - the elements of an exceptional mobile travel app

Intelligent Itineraries
They don’t call it a smartphone for nothing, and your apps should be expected to boast the same quality of sophistication. Any travel app can provide you with the essentials, such as online check-in, flight information or seat assignment, but what traits separate the elite apps from the rest of the pack? When it comes to choosing the best app for you, you need something that will provide you with flight notifications, gate updates and other important alerts. You also need a service that can instantly connect you to your travel agent or advisor whenever itineraries change beyond your control. Finding an app that installs all these capabilities, as well as informs you of travel elements such as severe weather updates or transportation options, is what makes an app go from adequate to exceptional.

Management Made Simple
When it comes to business travel, there’s so many logistical components to your trip that it’s hard to keep track of them all by yourself. Everything from keeping track of your budget to updating your coworkers with emails falls upon you, so having an app that can simply lay it all out for you in a organized and accessible manner is extremely important. Don’t download an app that has you swiping for a new screen for every little element you have to factor in. Make sure your travel app has a homescreen with an easy to navigate menu so you don’t have to waste time figuring out how to use it on the go.

Savvy Local Suggestions
After you’ve locked down a deal, shaken hands with a client and returned back to the hotel room, it’s nice to actually get to know the city you’re visiting. Corporate travelers need an app that will not only help them better familiarize themselves with their current location, but also make them feel like a seasoned local during business travel. Impressing your clients with a strong understanding of everything from local phrases to restaurant suggestions hinders heavily upon the travel apps you use, and having the right one will help you present yourself as the savvy business person that you are. Make sure you’re always carrying along these advantages such as translation tools, cultural insights and instant travel agent access in your pocket to smooth out your business travel visits.

What are the necessities you think belong in a great mobile travel app? Let us know in the comments!

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