JetBlue to support Apple Pay for onboard purchases

February 11, 2015 Mark Dauner

Airplane Aisle - Travel and TransportIf you’ve got the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, then you’ve already got Apple Pay. Have you used it yet? You might have the opportunity soon. Since iOS 8 was released back in September, a slow but steady stream of banks and credit card providers have begun to support the new mobile payment platform. On the other side of the counter, leading retail outlets including McDonald’s, Staples, Walgreens and Panera Bread have embraced the new service, with more and more being added to the list each day. The category that has been largely missing from Apple Pay support is travel. Sharing economy services such as Uber, Lyft and AirBnB have started taking Apple Pay, but almost no traditional travel companies have begun to offer the service – until now.

USA Today has reported that JetBlue will be the first airline to to accept Apple Pay for certain onboard amenities such as food, drinks and in-flight seat upgrades. The service will roll out next week on select flights. The art of reaching into your back pocket or diving into the darkness of your purse underneath the seat in front of you to fish a credit card out while wedged into the middle seat is just another one of the stresses that frequent travelers are faced with. Since most travelers have their phones in-hand or nearby throughout the entire flight, using Apple Pay might prove to be a very convenient alternative. When the Apple Watch comes out in April, look for mobile payments to be even easier.

Although JetBlue is the first, we expect other airlines to follow suit and begin accepting Apple Pay as well as other mobile payment services in the near future. What did you think about Apple Pay? Will new technology like this make your traveling life easier? Let us know!

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