Mike Kubasik: How mobile technology enriches the traveler experience

April 2, 2018


Travel and Transport Executive Vice President and CIO, Mike Kubasik, was recently featured in CIOReview.com, where he told the story of Travel and Transport's 8+ year journey with mobile technology

Mike recounts the humble beginnings of the idea that would eventually become Dash Mobile: 


"Like all good innovation, our mobile journey started eight years ago in a gastropub, with wire frames drawn on a napkin and the idea to enhance the travel experience through an app."

He talks about how important UI/UX is to the success of a mobile app and the comprehensive process of listening to and learning from business travelers of all kinds: 

"We picked 100 travelers of various types (road warrior, novices, etc.) and observed them using and working within the app to understand the user experience and what our travelers really wanted and needed."

Mike outlines the evolution of our mobile travel app and how new innovations and changing technologies have really transformed the focus of the app from the simple itinerary tracking tool that it started as: 

"Today, our product focus is past the digitization phase and has moved on to create a mobile tool that is predictive and contextual, sending key alerts to the traveler and offering the tools they need while en route."

Be sure to read the whole story from Mike's point of view at CIO Review. 

Once you've done that, visit our Technology Insights section to learn more about Dash Mobile.  Here are a couple videos that highlight some of our most recent new features: 

         Dash Mobile and TripLingo         Dash Mobile: Click to Call
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