New Employees Train on Proprietary Technology That Enhances the Travel Experience

February 19, 2019

As experienced travel advisors retire and new entrants to the job market look for promising careers, the travel industry is increasingly being regarded as not just a viable, but attractive option for talented professionals who enjoy providing customer service in a dynamic environment.

While we discussed the type of candidates moving through Travel and Transport’s Travel Academy in an earlier post, here we expand on the content of that training. Namely, we’d like to focus on the systems and technology Travel Academy graduates gain fluency in.

BARTT and Banx – Two Tools That Empower Proactive Service

There are two main categories of content that new Travel and Transport employees must gain fluency in – technology and culture.

“We hire for attitude and then train people to use the systems and technology we’ve developed to provide the best travel experience possible for our customers,” says Karen Skinner, Vice President and Officer, Operations for Travel and Transport. “People have to constantly think proactively about how to enhance the travel experience and then be fluent in the technology to help them do that at a very high level.”

Two of those proprietary systems that help Travel and Transport’s travel advisors add value to corporate customers are BARTT (Booking Agent Reservation Technology Toolbox) and Banx. Both are homegrown innovations that put the power of real-time business intelligence at the fingertips of travel advisors.

“BARTT is a desktop that coaches travel advisor interactions in how to make the next move,” says Skinner. “When a customer calls in, the travel advisor can instantly see their travel history, preferences and protocols as well as that of the company. This means we can book at a hotel they prefer or if they’re visiting a new city for the first time, we can tell them where 30% of their colleagues, for example, stay when they are there on business. That kind of data enhances the travel experience regardless of which travel advisor a customer connects with on any given call.”

In addition, if weather forces a cancellation, BARTT can serve up weather waivers for qualifying customers, giving travel counselors confidence in auto issuing weather waivers without having to contact the airlines first.

Another product Skinner takes pride in is Banx. The database houses unused/non-refundable tickets and credits for a traveler and a corporation, enabling easy and efficient management of those tickets and credits for a customer. When a customer calls in, Banx is activated via BARTT so the travel advisor can recommend routings and fares to best utilize the available credits on file.

“The capability offered by this technology is exciting and is best in class in the marketplace,”  says Skinner. “These systems help our skilled travel advisors provide superior service faster, further enhancing the travel experience for our customers.”

As the travel ecosystem continues to expand and evolve, Travel and Transport will be leading the way with innovative technology and truly responsive service that enhances the travel experience for corporate customers.


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