Planning a Vacation? Discover the Benefits of Escorted Tours

September 11, 2019 Mark Dauner

Escorted tours are a popular way to explore new destinations and pursue dream vacations. However, it’s important to use knowledgeable guides who are thoroughly familiar with the local areas you’re visiting. 

If you’re considering travel tours as part of your next vacation, here are a few things to know about escorted tours before you go. 


What Are Escorted Tours?

Whether you’re dreaming about train journeys in Europe, safaris in Africa or a multi-country trek across Asia, escorted tours can be an enjoyable way to explore new destinations. What sets escorted tours apart are the guides who lead them. 

Our experienced travel advisors recommend travel tours from the best-escorted tour companies that feature knowledgeable local guides. This can make the difference between a lackluster tour that doesn’t provide much information beyond what you could glean on your own versus an escorted tour that shines with hidden tidbits and tiny details you never would have discovered on your own.

The top escorted tours let you experience a destination by immersing you in its local culture. The result of a good escorted tour is that at the end of your trip, you feel more like a global citizen and less like a tourist.  


Who Are Escorted Tours Right For?

Beyond local insight, escorted tours typically include all the flights, hotels/lodging arrangements, transportation transfers, most meals and much of the sightseeing opportunities. Basically, an escorted tour takes all the hassle and stress of making connections and planning decisions in a foreign place off your plate.

With the planning taken care of, you can focus on exploring and finding adventure every day. 

If you are interested in a vacation that takes you to multiple destinations with stays of generally two to three days at each location, an escorted tour may be right for you. Our travel advisors can talk through your travel goals and arrange the perfect escorted tour or another type of travel experience for you. 


Why Make Escorted Tours Part of Your Vacation?

Similar to a cruise, escorted tours allow you to take in the sights and sounds of multiple destinations. Instead of a long stay in just one place, escorted tours expose you to places you may decide to visit again on their own for a longer period of time. 

Escorted tours are usually faster-paced and take care of all the coordination and transportation details for you. This allows you the freedom to enjoy your vacation without worrying about getting yourself and everyone in your party where they need to be at the right time and with the proper documents, payments and other requirements. 

The best escorted tour companies, like the ones we work with, can also incorporate some free time or unscheduled time throughout the trip for you to explore destinations you find particularly interesting on your own. Sometimes, this is as simple as an afternoon free to shop or sightsee in the particular neighborhoods of your choosing; or having an evening free to try a new restaurant that sounds uniquely appealing to your party. 


How Can You Find the Top Group Travel Tours from the Best Escorted Tour Companies?

The best way to ensure you choose an escorted tour that delivers the dream vacation you’re looking for is to work with an experienced travel advisor who only recommends escorted tour companies that utilize knowledgeable local guides.

Are you planning a vacation? Get the expert assistance of someone with the experience and contacts to plan the perfect itinerary. Contact one of our experienced travel advisors today to begin planning your escorted tour vacation!

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