Planning an Adventure Travel Trip? Our Expert Advice

April 17, 2019 Mark Dauner

How to Plan an Adventure Travel Trip

Our adventure travel specialists are here to help.

If you’re new to adventure travel or are considering planning your first adventure travel trip, you probably have a lot of questions, like: should I join an adventure travel program or strike out on my own? Where are the best adventure travel locations for first timers? What about insurance?

We have answers! We caught up with our adventure travel specialists Lisa Salloum (Urbandale, Iowa office), JoAnna Gonseth (Omaha, Nebraska HQ), and Wanda Worsley (Travel Design Lounge in Omaha) for answers to the most common questions about adventure travel.


Where are the best places to go for adventure travel?

While any location can be a great place for adventure, JoAnna says off the beaten path destinations seem to have more adventures to offer for avid adventure travelers. Lisa notes Africa and Iceland as destinations seeing a lot of traffic in 2019 and Wanda adds Costa Rica, New Zealand and Peru to that list.


When is the best time to book an adventure travel trip?

While any time is a good time for adventure travel, for those who like to plan, Lisa says getting your trip nailed down a year in advance prevents you from missing out on spaces that fill up fast.


Should I tackle adventure travel on my own or as part of a group?

The answer to this question really depends on your preferences and budget, yet JoAnna adds that group travel may be safer. “Activities like hiking or climbing are not recommended to be done alone,” she says.

Wanda notes that group travel offers extra support as well. “In addition to sharing an amazing experience with equally enthusiastic travelers, group adventure trips are a great way to learn of other destinations that fellow travelers have visited that would fit your interests.”


What adventure travel gear do I need to make my trip comfortable?

Wanda mentions that specialized gear is often provided when booking an adventure travel trip with travel partners, and Lisa recommends talking with one of our travel advisors. “Depending on the travel booked, we will provide the information,” she says. “Our destination experts are wonderful for providing suggestions.”


Do I need to purchase adventure travel insurance?

While the answer depends on the activities you are doing, Lisa recommends always getting travel insurance to protect your vacation investment from the unexpected and JoAnna adds that sometimes, specific insurance is necessary. “In some cases, you will need additional insurance to cover an extreme sport such as mountain climbing or a hot air balloon ride,” she says. “Otherwise, typical Travel insurance will cover most activities.”


What must I make sure to include on my adventure travel packing list?

While the list could become lengthy, Wanda limits essential to just a few items. “Pack sunscreen and clothing that allows you to layer based on the weather or altitude conditions.”

JoAnna adds a GoPro to the packing list as a “must for any adventure experience.”


Is adventure travel with a baby possible?

Ultimately, the answer to this question depends on the activities and recommendations of your pediatrician, so be sure to check with your child’s doctor. Beyond that, Lisa says some tour operators have age restrictions. “This might be a good time to have the little one spend some time with their grandparents for you to be able to experience the trip to its fullest.”

JoAnna says bringing a baby along could work, depending on the type of adventure travel you plan. “If the traveler is used to carrying packs while hiking, for example, then carrying a child would be one in the same and the trip will work out for everyone,” she says. “While children may get restless in a long car ride, they may have a different experience hiking in the outdoors and being able to move freely.”


Do you have a question about adventure travel that we didn’t cover here? Connect with us today. Our adventure travel specialists would love to answer all your questions and help you plan an unforgettable adventure travel trip!

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