Post-con Best Practices and Reporting - Keys to Successful Meetings and Events

October 18, 2018 Cassie Uecker

High five! Your event is over. You can call it a day, right? Not quite. Once you’ve gotten through the ups and downs of being on-site, there is one last critical element: post-con management and reporting. This is a vital piece to your meeting, determining its ROI and gaining valuable insight to help you adjust your event for the future.

Below, we’ve outlined some key best practices for a successful wrap up of your meeting or event.

Hold an internal post-con meeting: While you will want to have a post-con meeting with the venue before you leave, it is just as important to hold one back home with the planning team. Discuss what went well and what didn’t, comparing notes on the entire event, including, but not limited to, sessions and content, room setups, food and beverage and the venue. For any misses during the meeting, make an actionable plan to prevent those issues from happening at your next event.

Collect attendee feedback five to ten days post event: Send out a survey to gain valuable insight on how the event was received by attendees. Be sure to thank them for their time and deliver any outstanding follow-up items promised. Keep your survey questions concise but with measurable outcomes.

Obtain pick-up reports from your hotel and vendors: These reports are the basis of negotiating future events, and for measuring attendance. Outline the need for pick-up reports in your contract. Want to guarantee they are received? Include a clause that final payment won’t be made until these reports are delivered.

Reconcile your event: This can be a tedious task but it is crucial to evaluating the budget and ROI. Review your master account, vendor bills and expense reports. Look back at your contracts to make sure everything that was promised was delivered on. Make final payments and follow up as needed.

Prepare a final report: With all of the above completed, summarize it into a final event report and calculate your ROI. This report should cover attendee feedback, contract performance versus the RFP and thoughts and ideas for improvement. Distribute this report to appropriate internal stakeholders.

After going through the above, be sure to communicate and celebrate your event achievements. File everything for reference and start to gear up for your next successful event.



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