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February 12, 2020 Josh Gunn

Changes coming to our products you need to know about


Dash Mobile & Dash Portal

Our inseparable pair and most popular products have a brand new look for 2020 to match our new brand colors. Dash Portal's navigation has been simplified to give you instant access to the most used features like your travelers, invoices and current trips. We know that travel managers and arrangers are some of the most time-poor people in an organisation so we're excited to launch this update to make booking and managing travel simpler, faster and more intuitive.  

Dash Mobile is also sporting a new look (it's not yellow, it's Sahara) ahead of some exciting new releases designed to keep travelers healthy and productive on the go. Watch this space. 


Reporting and Analytics - Its time data got smart and swift. 

Our product team has been working hard on a totally revamped user experience for our Pre-Trip Reporting product designed to give you the answers you need as quickly and easily as possible. It's blazingly fast, intuitive and gives you everything you need in just a few clicks, that's why we're calling it Swift Data. If you're interested in signing up to beta-test Swift Data then just let your designated account manager know and we'll get you to the front of the queue for launch in April. 

Sounds good, but what about my data that's being booked direct? 

Introducing: Swift Data Pro, enterprise-ready travel and expense analytics that aggregates travel agency, credit card, and expense management system data all into one place. By combining these data sets you can finally see the blindspots in your travel spend all in one place without hiring an army of number crunchers and manual reformatting.

We're unlocking this forbidden knowledge by applying machine learning in a remarkably useful way to give you one data set to rule them all. We deal with the duplicates and transform the typos so you can stop dancing in the dark with your data and finally be the boss of your travel spend.

Please note: Swift Data Pro is designed for our large and enterprise-scale customers so initially we are recommending you book a demo only if your travel spend exceeds $10m per annum. 


Leap Advisor - the next frontier in exceptional travel service, worldwide

Our US travel advisor teams have provided a superior experience to your travelers by knowing you and your travelers better than anyone else. Our secret weapon in staying one step ahead of your people has been BARTT, our much beloved "Booking Agent Reservation Technology Toolbox" or traveler CRM.

We're excited to announce that as part of our global rebrand we will soon retire BARTT (gracefully) and introduce BARTT's trip-savvy, technologically advanced cousin, Leap Advisor. We've rebuilt our traveler CRM to surface just the right information at the right time for our travel advisors, so they know what your people need and not just what they can book but what they'll actually choose. 

Leap Advisor will be landing in the US and UK this spring and will continue onward across our global locations as we add new languages to the system. You won't ever use it, but you'll feel the difference. Bye-bye record locators, hello rock-solid relationships, worldwide. 


Alerts and Notifications 

We send many alerts and communications through mobile and email to your travelers.  We're currently reviewing the frequency, content, delivery, and tracking of all traveler communications, which will now be grouped under Bolt Alerts. More information on what changes we’re making to alerts are coming soon. Our top priority has always been returning your travelers home after a successful trip and we're planning several updates that will keep your travelers safe, productive and happy on the road. Bolt Alerts is the start of that. 



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