The best ways to get around Boston

February 29, 2016 Mark Dauner

Boston-Harbor and Skyline Photo by Katie Haugland - used with Creative Commons License There are big things happening in Boston! With new business coming into the city such as the planned move of GE Headquarters to Boston, expect the already congested traffic and parking to increase even more! Here are a few updates and tips for travelers and commuters that want to make the most of their trip into the city.

New hotels open in Boston in early 2016
There is no shortage of new hotels opening in the downtown Boston area, including the 242 room Godfrey Hotel as well as the new Element (180 rooms) and Aloft (330 room) hotels located near the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center.

Getting Around
Driving is, of course, always an option when getting around Boston. In many cases, driving your own car or renting a car to get around they city might not be the best solution.

Boston has fantastic public transportation options. The T offers subway, bus, trolley  and water transportation to just about anywhere in the metropolitan area.

Uber and Lyft have strong presence in Boston and many find it a very useful and convenient way to get around the city. Another ridesharing service called Fasten also operates in Boston. You can get just about anywhere relatively quickly with ridesharing services, and when you add up what you might spend in time and money searching for and paying for parking, letting someone else drive you around can be a great option.

If you prefer to drive from point A to point B once you’re in the city but don’t necessarily need a vehicle for the longer distances, car sharing services such as ZipCar (Avis Budget Group), which is Boston headquartered, and Car Share (Enterprise Holdings) might be an option. These services have cars strategically located throughout the city. You can book them via a mobile app, go to the car, get in and take it to your destination. It’s easy and can be really useful when you just need to make a short trip.

Check out Travel and Transport’s Ultimate Guide to the Sharing Economy for more on ridesharing and car sharing. 

When you do have a car, you’ll need a place to put it. New parking is being added in downtown Boston and plans for parking expansion at Boston Logan International Airport are in early stages. There are several different mobile apps that will help you track down parking options in the city. Looking for on-street parking in Boston? That will continue to be a challenge, but at least you won’t have to try and hunt for change in order to feed the meter. New credit card-enabled parking meters are being installed throughout the city, and the ParkBoston app will even allow you to pay for on-street parking via your smartphone.

What tips do you have for getting around Boston? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @TandTNews.

Boston-Harbor and Skyline photo by Katie Haugland – used under Creative Commons License. 

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