The top 3 new year’s travel resolutions (and how to keep them)

We try so hard. Unfortunately running around like crazy from city to city, country to country on business travel is rarely conducive to making the life improving changes we set out at the start of each year. At the same time, travel can be an opportunity to step outside the comfortable habits of home and try something new. The following is a list of new year’s travel resolutions aimed at the worker on the go, along with some tips to make them stick.

New Year's Resolution 1: "I’m going to exercise on business trips."
  • Tip 1- Sight seeing is exercise – If you are in a new place and are in a safe area, get to walking or running and broaden your horizons while burning some calories.
  • Tip 2 – Make exercise a priority – You can do this in several ways. Find out which of your company-approved hotels have the gyms you like the best and make a habit of booking them. Commit to yourself that your day isn’t over until you have some form of physical activity. If working out after dinner isn’t your style, try doing so before you start your day or at lunchtime.
  • Tip 3 – Use travel as an opportunity to try something new – All of us are reluctant to get on that new fancy machine at our gyms because we don’t want to screw up in front of people. Well guess what: you’re probably never going to see the people in your hotel gym ever again, so lower your inhibitions and give it a shot.
Resolution 2: “I’m going to keep my travel expenses organized this year.”
  • Tip 1 – Embrace the technology – Nearly all of the corporate expense systems incorporate apps that help travelers stay on top of their expenses when they are on the road. Use these. They really will make your life easier.
  • Tip 2 – Familiarize yourself with your T&E policy and when expense reports are due – This will prevent you from being caught off guard in either case. Know what items have to be itemized and what do not. Educate yourself on where your policy is flexible and how much. All of these will help you make the best decisions regarding your travel options and simplify your expense reporting.
  • Tip 3 – Talk to your co-workers – No one will provide better assistance and tricks of the trade than the people with which you work. The challenge is to understand which of their habits are a good fit for you and which aren’t. Once you combine their best practices with what you have learned works best for you, organizing your expense will be less of a chore.
Resolution 3: “I’m going to eat better when I travel.”
  • Tip 1 – Pack healthy snacks – Keeping yourself from becoming too hungry by snacking on healthy foods throughout the day will make it easier to avoid eating too many convenience foods and keep your metabolism up. High protein nuts and nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables are a common choice for the health-conscious traveler.
  • Tip 2 – Seek out healthier food options at the airport – These are easier and easier to find. Many now offer more vegetables and fruit as well as popular combinations like granola and yogurt.
  • Tip 3 – Seek the new, not the comfortable – Being away from home it can be tempting to search out familiar, comfort foods, but it’s really a better time to try new restaurants and new, lighter foods. So instead of going to another steak place, seek out the local specialty. In the place of the usual burger, try the salmon or the chicken. Little changes such as these can lead to a greater habit of healthy eating.

Check out our Traveler Wellbeing section for more tips on health and wellness in business travel.

Do you have any tips for staying healthy while traveling or managing your expenses while you’re on business travel? Let us know on Twitter @TandTNews.



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