The Trick to Finding a Perfect Pet-friendly Hotel

Whether necessary because your travel plans or because you just can’t bear to leave your furry loved ones at home, sometimes it’s necessary to take Fido on the road with you. Thirty-seven percent of pet owners take their pet on the road with them. That’s 31.5 million families and their fur babies traveling around the U.S., according to the American Pet Products Association.

Those who do travel with pets don’t just take an occasional trip either. shows 51% of travelers bring their animal every time. Only 0.5% of those surveyed left their dog or cat at home every single trip.

After you load up your car (or airline-approved pet carrier) and finally get to your destination… what’s next? Most travelers with pets are looking for safe environments for their loved ones, and finding a nice, pet-friendly hotel can be ruff.

Often hotels claim to be pet friendly but turn up their noses at your furry friends. As you pay your “refundable” deposit, you dread knowing a pre-existing stain or smudge could be blamed on your pet. If only there were more transparency.

Luckily, at some hotels, pets always stay free. At Travel and Transport preferred partner, Red Roof, you know what you’re getting into. Pets are not just tolerated, they’re welcomed with a friendly smile. Additionally, there’s no hidden fee or penalty for staying with your dog or cat at Red Roof. You will be treated like any guest traveling without pets. This means you experience the high-quality service and hospitality you expect from Red Roof, with the companionship of your favorite furry loved one.

Red Roof prides itself on its safe environment for you and your pet. They genuinely care about your four-legged family members. Looking for pet travel tips, discounts on pet travel or just some amazing photos of dogs? Look no further than Red Roof’s pet portal  and the RedRoofLuvsPets Facebook page . They even list dog parks near their properties, making it a perfect one-stop shop for preparing your next vacation.

Dog (and cat!) owners know how difficult it can be to leave behind their furry loved ones, even for a fun-filled vacation. With Red Roof, you don’t have to.

This post is sponsored by Red Roof.

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