Top 10 Things Every Business Traveler Needs

April 12, 2019 Emma Quast

While business travelers have become accustomed to packing only the essentials, frequent travelers and road warriors have needs that vary from those of less frequent travelers. Traveling often can make it difficult to accomplish work, enjoy the experience, and also focus on one’s health. What are three needs of the business traveler that are most important? At Travel and Transport we believe that they can be broken down into the following categories:

Within these categories we have identified 10 absolute essentials for business travel. Consider helping your employees accomplish the following so they can be present in their travels, emphasize innovation, and focus on wellness all at the same time.

One thing every business traveler needs is a healthy diet

Traveler Wellness

  1. A healthy diet. Eating healthy foods while traveling will not only help with long-term wellbeing but will also help business travelers stay sharp and alert. Our article entitled Foods to Fight Jet Lag, Sleep Soundly and Conquer Travel talks about how a healthy diet can really impact the effects of jet lag, help you stay alert and energized and even help you sleep better while staying in a hotel.
  2. A filtered water bottle. Traveling for business and being in meetings all day can be exhausting, but it’s important to stay hydrated.  Rather than spending $6 on a bottle of water at the airport, you can help the environment and your expense account just a little by bringing along a reusable filtered water bottle. Find a bottle that is small enough to slip in your carry-on or briefcase. Then just bring it to the airport and fill it after you get through security. This will ensure that you have safe, filtered, clean drinking water wherever you are traveling.One thing every business traveler needs is a fitness plan
  3. A fitness plan. Making time for fitness during business travel can be a challenge. Luckily, most business-focused hotels have fitness facilities on-site. As we mentioned in a recent article, the relative anonymity of a hotel gym can give you the opportunity to try out a new exercise or kind of equipment that may intimidate you at your local gym. If you’re an outdoor exerciser, check with the concierge or front desk staff for information on parks, running trails, and routes in the area. Don’t forget your running shoes!
  4. Positivity and perspective. Business travel can be stressful, tiring and anxiety-inducing. Many times travel disruptions are completely out of our control.  When things go wrong while on the road it’s important to stay positive and put things in perspective. In a recent article titled Travelproof Your Mind by Combining Positive Psychology and Stoic Philosophy,  we provided tips on how to focus on the positive, keep things in perspective and to plan proactively in order to minimize the impact of travel disruptions.

Traveler Experience

  1. Trusted Traveler Programs: You can get a lot more business done when you don’t have to spend so much time waiting in seemingly endless security, immigration and customs lines. Many countries have implemented programs that enable frequent travelers to be pre-approved to pass through checkpoints with minimal wait times. See our articles on trusted traveler programs in North America, EMEA and APAC.
  2. Safety: Travel and Transport’s partners at WorldAware have many tips and tactics on their website that promote safety and risk management for global travelers, including this article on reducing your vulnerability during civil unrest and this one that helps you to recognize suspicious objects while traveling.
  3. Human Connection: In the article Improve Your Social Wellbeing While Traveling we presented the idea that travel presents a great opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and focus on your social well-being by connecting and networking with co-workers, peers, or strangers.

Traveler Innovation

  1. Travel apps. When traveling frequently it can be hard to keep track of all your different information and accounts like loyalty programs, boarding passes, flight times, etc. Apps like Travel and Transport’s Dash Mobile can help business travelers to manage all of this important information and receive timely notifications and reminders. In addition, there are a number of apps available that can help ease your travel experiences. When traveling internationally, there are other apps that help explore the language and cultural elements of your travel destinations, as well. Visit our Guide to the Top Mobile Travel Apps to find the apps that will work best for you.
  2. Internet access. The internet is everywhere, right? Sure, but frequent business travelers require internet access that is consistent, stable and available wherever they need it. Most smartphones are capable of acting as a Wi-Fi hotspot, enabling your laptop, tablet and other devices to get connected. If you connect frequently or need to stay connected worldwide you may want to look at dedicated hotspot options and plans. Finally, if you really must connect at a public hotspot at an airport, hotel or business, make sure you take some security precautions.

Every business traveler should be aware of data security

  1. Data security. Technology is important, but nothing can impede the frequent business traveler more than having your personal or financial information stolen. Travel and Transport’s Guide to Cybersecurity and Privacy for Business Travel is full of tips and tactics that will allow you to shield yourself from data privacy breaches and to minimize their impact when they occur.

There are plenty of other necessities, tools and gadgets for business travelers that didn’t make it into our top 10 list, including a travel pillow, moisturizer, probiotics, small exercise equipment, a good pen and journal, clip-on camera lens, chargers and power adapters, and more. What are your recommendations for the most important things that a business traveler needs while they’re on the road? Share your frequent business traveler tips with us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn

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