Travel and Transport international travel counselors visit Air Canada

December 7, 2016 Sara Cartwright

Recently, a group of Travel and Transport’s international travel counselors had the educational opportunity to learn about Air Canada’s system operations control center and the Air Canada flight experience as one part of an intensive one-week international training course.

The Travel and Transport counselors had the opportunity to travel on Air Canada from their home city to Toronto, Canada to experience the flight service before visiting the operations center. The counselors also experienced the transfer service via UP Express Train from Pearson Airport to downtown Toronto.

The agents participated in an airport inspection of the international terminal, including Customs and Immigration facilities and lounges. They were able to tour the inside of an Air Canada Boeing 787 and Rouge Airbus 319.

The new Air Canada facility in Toronto houses the main operations center, with concentric circles of workstations facing an inner hub. The $60-million center incorporates state-of-the-art technology, will operate on a 24/7 basis and will be run by more than 350 people.

In-person involvement and experiential teaching such as this visit are crucial to the education and development of Travel and Transport’s international travel counselors!

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