Travel and Transport Launches Mobile App for Wearable Devices

August 24, 2015 Travel and Transport

Travel and Transport has announced today that the latest version of their eTTek Dash app is now available for Apple and Android wearable devices. The app is fully functioning and available to the public through the Apple and Android markets.  eTTek Dash features that travelers will find useful through a wearable device include full access to current flight information, car and hotel data and future trip details.

In early 2015, the company made a solid commitment to focus on the development and expansion of their mobile travel app for their clients.

“Travel and Transport made a significant investment to make our mobile app a leader in the travel space and to ensure that we are providing travelers with technology that travels with them,” said Mike Kubasik, Travel and Transport Executive Vice President & CIO. “Launching an app in a wearable is something that we spent significant research and development on ensuring that the tools that we are pushing through to wearable devices, are tools that travelers will find useful.”

Future features of the eTTek Dash wearable app include the ‘Contact an Agent’ functionality that will connect a traveler directly to a travel agent that is familiar with the traveler’s itinerary and who can assist with necessary changes. This update is expected to release early fourth quarter 2015.

In addition to the launch of the eTTek Dash wearable app, several other updates were made to Travel and Transport’s app including hotel check-in and live wait times (as opposed to TSA wait times). Hotel check-in gives travelers immediate access to hotel services and alerts that they have come to appreciate. The live wait time feature uses advanced 3rd party technology that provides travelers with wait times 2 hours around departure time. Wait times display within the Flight Details page of the app.

To ensure that development of the app was focused on updates that travelers wanted and found useful, Travel and Transport partnered with the Gallup Organization to survey travelers on what they were looking for in a mobile travel app.

“The updates that we are making now are based on valuable client feedback. Many of the originally planned updates that we thought would be beneficial, have been altered to provide a different and more powerful user experience,” stated Kubasik.

Analytics showed that usage of the app in July was up over 80% by Travel and Transport clients, due in large part to the significant enhancements that are being made to the app.  The company will continue to design its mobile roadmap based on client needs and feedback.

About Travel and Transport: Travel and Transport, Inc. is one of the top 5 travel management companies in the U.S. specializing in corporate travel management, vacation travel, and group and meeting travel services. Travel and Transport, a 100% employee-owned company recognized for unparalleled service, integrity and travel industry knowledge, has locations in 43 states and is headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska.

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