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July 3, 2018

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News you need to know

Here are just some of the recent news, stories and ideas that are impacting business travel from some of the world's leading publications. Something we've missed? Let us know on Twitter @TandTNews.

  • China fingerprinting foreign visitors at airports
  • Airports join airlines in tightening the leash on animal travel
  • UK Parliament Approves Heathrow Third Runway
  • Best US Airport for Business Travelers
  • Airports Race to Renovate Before Oil Prices Climb
  • Minimalist Packing Tips
  • and more! 

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In case you missed it: 

Pros and cons of Airbnb for business travel

We originally published this article in the spring and it's proven so popular we thought we'd feature it again. There is no denying Airbnb has some advantages over traditional accommodation options, but with all the flexibility and options Airbnb offers, there are some unavoidable risks associated with allowing its use in your policy. Should business travelers really consider Airbnb? Find out here.

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Finding a perfect pet-friendly hotel

Whether necessary because your travel plans or because you just can’t bear to leave your furry loved ones at home, sometimes it’s necessary to take Fido on the road with you. 37% of pet owners take their pet on the road with them. So what's the secret to finding a hotel that is pet friendly?

We've got some answers for you in this post, sponsored by Red Roof.

Meaningful rewards in your loyalty program

Periodically we like to venture outside of the world of corporate travel and highlight interesting content from other areas of our company. This month Loyalty by Travel and Transport examines the concept of emotional loyalty. Rewards are no longer only about simplicity and ease of access; they’re about emotion. Emotional loyalty is taking the loyalty market to a new level of client appreciation and relatability. 

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What’s Hot: Disruption

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The Trick to Finding a Perfect Pet-friendly Hotel
The Trick to Finding a Perfect Pet-friendly Hotel

Finding a nice, pet-friendly hotel can be ruff. Travel and Transport and Red Roof have a solution. (sponsor...

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