Travel the World With Us: Vacation Planning Roundup

December 31, 2019 Mark Dauner


Vacation Planning? Travel the World with Us!

If you’re vacation planning, you know how challenging and time consuming it can be to figure out where to go and what to see. Throughout the year, we’ve shared tips and guidance on how to travel the world. 

Our expert travel advisors help busy people everyday satisfy their wanderlust with vacation planning assistance that makes it easy to travel around the world. We gathered their advice and our recommendations on how to travel the world into one helpful post. 

Enjoy this roundup of the best places to travel in the world! 


Vacation Planning? Our Travel Advisors Dish on the Best Places to Travel in the World

One of the hardest aspects of vacation planning is figuring out where to go, how to get there, where to stay and what to see. Our travel advisors take all the stress out of the vacation planning process. Organized by Continent, here are some of the best tips and guidance they shared this year on how to plan a vacation and have fun traveling the world. 



From African safari adventures to culinary travels, Africa is an incredible area of the world to explore. Here are three articles to get you started. 



The frozen continent had for long remained shrouded in mystery. Impassable for so much of human history, it is now revealing its beauty for adventurous travelers to enjoy. Read these posts and see why there has never been a better time to travel to Antarctica.



If you’re looking for a way to travel to Asia, you have many options at your disposal. Not only can you fly to this beautiful continent with a rich history worth exploring, you can cruise there as well. Begin to discover your options in these posts. 



Some people are daunted by the idea of traveling to Australia. While they’d like to experience the culture of Sydney, traverse the outback and snorkel the Great Barrier Reef, the long plane flight scares some would be travelers away. 

Our travel advisors know the best, and most comfortable, way to enjoy an unforgettable Australian adventure. Explore some of their tips in these posts. 



Taking a European Vacation is a dream for many travelers. With so many options to explore, we get your wheels turning with these articles on planning a European vacation.


North America

Especially if you live in North America, it’s easy to overlook it as a travel destination. Yet, many people from around the world enjoy traveling to the United States and Canada. Explore some of your options when planning a trip to North America in these posts. 


South America

If you’re up for adventure, whether exploring ancient historical sites or modern cuisine, consider South America. This continent, which is rich with culture and geographical diversity, is an excellent vacation option. Here are a few posts to get you started.


More Travel Tips and Guidance

This list of places to travel around the world barely scratches the surface of possibilities. When you book travel with Travel and Transport, you work with experienced professionals who know the ins and outs of planning vacations. These posts provide a sampling of their vast knowledge on an array of travel topics.


Get Help Vacation Planning Now

Our travel advisors are ready to help you plan your dream vacation. Contact us today to start planning your next getaway!

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